Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – Four Components Of Building A Strong Team


Yes, it is good to be home again after the two weeks of scouting.  While out on the road, these last two week, I am seeing many people with the confusion.  Parents and Coaches too, do not understand four key item needed to build the strong team.

To build the team, is like building the skyscraper.  The skyscraper must be big, strong, take care of the people within it, and it must inspire more people to enter it in the future.  Skyscraper can withstand an earthquake.  To be sure you will feel the quake but the building will not fall down when built correctly.

The skyscraper is built from bricks, mortar, steel, and glass.  The successful team must be built using the same bricks, mortar, steel, and glass.


Foundations are built upon bricks.  Even the most complex buildings use bricks.  Bricks provide strength.  Every brick has a specific purpose within the design.  Every member of an organization, and every player is a brick.  Everyone has a role to fill.  Some brick are good, some brick are not so good.  Some brick are design to build tall building, some are design to build the small shack.  You must pick the brick carefully.


Mortar is what holds the bricks together.  It helps to give strength to the foundation. Character is mortar.  Qualities such as leadership, hard work, dedication and commitment are mortar for the team.  Every brick must have some mortar.  Without it, stress on the foundation will cause it to shift and the building comes down.  Take two brick and rub together without the mortar and the brick begin to crumble.


Steel is used to reinforce bricks.  Steel is used to provide strength as the building grows, as it reaches new heights.  Steel is provided through leadership.  Leadership start with the owner, and go all the way to the player that is in and out of the lineup.  Leadership is accepting peoples strength and weakness.  Leadership is support, both in word and in deed.


Glass provides vision.  A building with no glass will not have any people in it.  A team with no glass to provide vision will not have people in it.  Vision provides people with the ability to form goals and have people see those goals before they achieve them.  Vision, is what the most successful players have on the ice, and the most successful organizations have off the ice.  20/20 vision is when all of that comes together.  Although clear, glass and vision add to the strength of the structure.

If you try to build the skyscraper or the team without all four of these component, you have an empty building or a building that will fall under stress.

If you have trouble finding a team as the player you are missing one of these quality.  If you are a team having trouble finding the player you are missing one of these quality.  Build the strong building this season and reach new heights with your skyscraper.