Frank DiChiara – TJHN Featured Player To Attend New Jersey Devils Rookie Camp


Hard work pays off.

There is no truer statement that could be made about Frank DiChiara.  One of the hardest working players in the United States has proven that hard work pays off, time and time again.

If you knew the DiChiara Family you would understand that this drive is something that could be genetic.

Fortunately for me I have been able to know the DiChiara’s for a while now.  I have been able to experience the thrill of watching Frank become a player worthy of being watched by several NHL teams.  I have also experienced the disappointment of not seeing him get drafted.  The funny thing about that disappoint though is that it did not stick with Frank for very long.

Disappointment for Frank is actually fuel.  Fuel meant to be used in focussing and training harder and smarter than ever before.

Some of that fuel will be burned next week when Frank DiChiara pulls on the sweater of the New Jersey Devils.  An NHL team that Frank grew up watching roughly an hour from home.  Home town team meet home town player.

“You’re too slow.”  “You need to work on your skating.”  “You’re not going to get there.”

Those are the things some people have said to Frank over the years.  Those are words that people now may think taste a little bit like Crow.

Leaving Tier III Junior Hockey on Long Island for the NAHL in 2011, many said he would be back.  Leaving the NAHL for the USHL in 2012, some also said he would be back.  After scoring the Clark Cup winning goal, and preparing for his education at Yale that will begin this fall, Frank has been proving people wrong his entire career.

A world class education from one of the most esteemed University’s in the country.  An opportunity to wear and NHL jersey as a legitimate prospect.  Not too bad for the kid that was too slow.

Can Frank DiChiara prove the NHL scouts wrong when they elected not to draft him?  That remains to be seen.  Something tells me though, Yale wont be the last place we see Frank DiChiara playing hockey.

Hard work pays off.

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher

Photo Courtesy of Jason Kessenich at