Hartland Hounds – Publishers Statement On Player Promotion


Earlier today, information on former Hartland Hounds players attending Finlandia University was published.

The story, was based on information found on the Finlandia University Hockey roster listed as being for the 2013-2014 season.  The information on the Finlandia University Hockey roster has since been found to be inaccurate.  This inaccurate information was the only publicly available information on the current state of the Finlandia University Hockey roster.

Randy Montrose, General Manager of the Hounds, who have since moved to Traverse City, emailed me this information from Finlandia University:


After receiving this information I contacted Finlandia University Head Coach John McCabe personally.  During our conversation, Coach McCabe informed me of his relationship with Randy Montrose, and how they have worked together in the past to promote players.  Coach McCabe spoke very highly of Randy Montrose and his ability to help players move on based on his prior USHL experience and the connections that experience brings with it.

Coach McCabe stated that the University had not updated its roster and that the players Randy Montrose was moving to Finlandia were going to be added to the roster by the end of this week.  Coach McCabe let me know that all players were currently on campus and attending classes.

The story, while accurate based on the information available, is no longer considered to be accurate based on new information.  This new information pertaining to enrolment of players is not publicly available based upon privacy issues.

Based on my conversations with Randy Montrose and Coach McCabe, I have pulled the earlier story.  As the Publisher, I want the most accurate information to be made available as soon as it becomes available.

I would like to thank Randy Montrose and Coach McCabe for assisting me in obtaining information that was otherwise unavailable.  I would also like to wish Randy Montrose and the Traverse City Hounds continued success in moving players on to collegiate hockey opportunitys.

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher