MWJHL Adds West Michigan Freeze


In a somewhat expected move the MWJHL have added a team to replace the Holland River Bandits.

Although not yet announced the West Michigan Freeze have been added to the league

Originally turned down for expansion due to an over lap in territory rights with the Holland River Bandits, Owner Ed McCormack, will now seek to replace the River Bandits.  Siad to be lovated at Walker Ice and Fitness in a suburb of Grand Rapids Michigan, the Freeze certainly have their work cut out for them by getting started at this late date.

Also at issue is the Holland River Bandits.  Technically the franchise is only suspended for one year.  The Freeze would still legally be infringing on the River Bandits protected territory.  Sources involved with the River Bandits are informing TJHN that they have not been contacted by the league in regard to this territory issue.

Considering the River Bandits suspension is still subject to appeal and they have until the 15th of July, the move to Walker may be considered premature by others involved with the River Bandits.

TJHN will update this story as more information becomes available.