Texas Tornado Sale And Relocation To Be Approved Tomorrow


Multiple sources within the NAHL are reporting to TJHN that the sale of the Texas Tornado is due to receive NAHL board or governors approval on July 23rd.  The franchise will then be known as the Texas Brahmas.

In a letter emailed to Tornado players on friday July 19th, Tornado Ownership informed players that the team has indeed been sold and will be moving to the Ny Tex Center and will be moving to North Richland Hills.

While the sale and relocation of the team  has largely been the worst kept secret in junior hockey this summer, one has to wonder why the sale and relocation have been delayed for months.

The question now is how will the presumed Head Coach of the Brahmas, Dan Wildfong, recruit a full roster of quality players to compete this late into the summer?

The answer is rather simple.  Wildfong has many years in the business and has many connections.  While recruiting for junior hockey is much different from recruiting for pro hockey, it is still largely about your connections.

Wildfong has not been sitting around waiting for this sale to be approved either.  He has been active in scouting players for the last few months throughout Texas.  One would have to believe the Brahmas will have more than a few Texas developed players on the roster this season.

With the USHL not having to cut down to a twenty-three man roster until September, roughly one hundred and five more USHL borderline players will become available before the start of the NAHL season.  Working the phone to those coaches is something Wildfong will have no problem doing as he has done in the professional ranks for years looking for AHL camp casualties.

While time certainly creates a sense of urgency for this team moving forward, the experienced Brahmas staff should make the transition rather easily.

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher