Alberta Junior Hockey League To Use Video Review

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Alberta Junior Hockey League To Use Video Review August 16, 2012 7:33 AM

In a very progressive move forward the Alberta Junior Hockey League has made the decision to add video reveiw to the league for the 2012-2013 season.

The AJHL has now announced the hiring of Dean Laschowski as the AJHL video review manager. The new position brings with it the capability to use video to review plays.

Laschowski will work with AJHL Vice President George McCorry in the areas of video review, supervision of game officials, and supplementary discipline.

“We are proud to have Dean Laschowski join our staff and are grateful for the unique experience and knowledge he brings with him. This new position further extends our commitment to player safety and is another example of the AJHL showing strong leadership in Junior A hockey across the CJHL,” said AJHL President Craig T. Cripps via press release.

Laschowski, prior to joining the AJHL, was the Officiating Manager for the Western Hockey League and was an AJHL Linesman at one point.

Video review has been critical to the NHL in recent seasons when determining the extent of discipline dispensed by the league. It has also been critical in making determinations on goals in question. It has yet to be decided to which extent the video review will be implemented this season.

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