Battle Creek Wins First Game In Over Two Years

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Battle Creek Wins First Game In Over Two Years December 17, 2012 8:12 AM

Christmas came early to the Battle Creek Revolution yesterday. It took more than two and a half years, but the Battle Creek Revolution junior hockey team has finaly won a game.

When the former Grand Rapids Owls moved to Battle Creek three years ago, many thought that the geographic change would help turn the team around. The Owls were just one of those teams that could never get it together, winning only a handful of games over their last three seasons in Grand Rapids. Battle Creek had a minor pro team that was always a winner, and many thought that the winning tradition would easily carry over to the junior team.

With the minor pro team gone for the last two seasons, ownership has been left to focus on the junior team. The relationship between the two teams has carried over this season.

In comes new Head Coach Rod Davidson, former commissioner of the AAHL, the pro league that Battle Creek had played in.

Davidson is a teacher of the game. A Coach that allows his players the chance to make mistakes while learning from them. It looks as though the teacher now has some students that are learning.

Battle Creek has been close. Loosing one or two goal games, you had to think a win was going to come soon.

It took a shootout win against Queen City, but last night the Revolution got a win. The last game before Christmas break, and Revolution players can head home feeling good.

By Joseph Kolodziej

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