CSS Hockey Academy Dressing Room Being Finished

The CSS Hockey Academy in Krynica Zdroj is working all summer to prepare for players arrival at the end of August.

The current project is updating the teams dressing room, trainers room, equipment room and coaches office. All of which are attached to the team dressing room.

Main Player Dressing Room

Logos and other items are being added in the dressing room this summer as the team prepares for 2019-2020.

“We are really working hard every day. Between scheduling games in nine or ten different countries, getting the dressing room done, and moving into our team offices there’s a lot to keep us busy.” Said General Manager Przemek Pakosz “We have a dressing room that was prepared for a professional team. Every player will have his own stall, and plenty of room. The room was designed for 30 players and the academy will only carry 23 on the roster.”

“Its an exciting time as we get sponsors together, and get the community involved. With such a ninety year hockey history here in Krynica Zdroj people are excited to have this program be the top team in the city and representing the Pearl of Poland.”

For more information on the CSS Hockey Academy visit http://cssacademy.pl