European Hockey Tours To Participate In TJHN Showcase

European Hockey Tours will participate with multiple teams in The Junior Hockey News Showcase taking place in March 2021.

Teams from the United States and Canada will be attending from European Hockey Tours along with other teams from Junior Programs in North America and Europe.

“We have been bringing teams to Europe for several years now. Arranging for great competition and cultural exchanges makes these events much more than just hockey games.” Said Zac Pearson Head Coach of the United States team.

“After spending the season in Europe this year with a group of players from six different countries, I can say it was an experience every player should have. From the different cultural and historical educational experiences, to the great competition, there is a lot of benefits in attending for every player.” Said Todd White Head Coach of the Canadian team.

The Junior Hockey News Showcase is synonymous with player exposure and scouting. This year will be no different as scouts from across Europe will attend looking to identify future professional players, as well as scouts from North America looking to identify players they were not able to see during the 2019-2020 season due to the COVID pandemic.

“We have teams from leagues in North America we will announce that are attending in the coming weeks. Many players were denied a season or only had a partial season. These teams will be coming over, some of them for as long as three or four weeks in order to play as many games as possible.” Said Joseph Kolodziej Publisher of The Junior Hockey News

All players and teams will have “bubble” type, all inclusive housing, meals, training and playing opportunities.

All games will be broadcast in High Definition on the internet and will be available in HD even in North America.

All documentation provided and arrangements made for those players and organizations traveling to Europe.

If you would like to participate on the United States team please contact Zac Pearson at

If you would like to participate on the Canadian team please contact Todd White at

If your organization would like to participate in The Junior Hockey News Showcase please email