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GLJHL Vote Confidential

On Monday April 16th, the Great Lakes Junior Hockey League head a Board of Governors conference call to discuss the state of the St. Ignace or Soo Firehawks expansion franchise.

Speaking to TJHN on Tuesday, Gerry Lullove, GLJHL President informed us that during the conference call a move from USA Hockey to the Amateur Athletic Union was discussed. Following the discussion a vote was taken.

The results of that vote are to remain confidential until the USA Hockey June meeting in Colorado.

Speculation that the GLJHL will move to AAU has been rampant in recent weeks. Following USAH revoking the St. Ignace Junior Franchise Approval, the rest of the GLJHL is left looking for solutions as well as answers.

Making the move to AAU would allow for a mass expansion of the GLJHL, and increased import players. It would also allow for an AAU national championship to be played between the GLJHL, WSHL and new NJHL. Potential new leagues could also be added as rumors swirl about the NorPAC, AWHL, EJHL and EmJHL.

Staying the course with USAH allows for continued involvement in the USAH Tier III National Championship, as well as a certain comfort level when dealing with USAH officials.

Staying with USAH would also require continued work with and within the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association. TJHN has learned that MAHA assisted in the investigation that lead to the revocation of the St. Ignace franchise. Through the course of our investigation we have also learned that MAHA President George Atkinson wrote a very supportive letter to USAH in support of the Soo Eagles obtaining and moving the Traverse City North Stars franchise, while no such letter was provided to the GLJHL.

Speaking to one MAHA board member who wished to remain anonymous TJHN was told, "George Atkinson has no love for Gerry Lullove and will do what ever it takes to keep the league (GLJHL) from expanding in Michigan. This has been going on for years now, and it wont stop while George is steering the ship. Its all about protecting Midget hockey from our point of view."

Lullove responded to TJHN by saying, "George is the President of MAHA, we have worked within the rules of USA Hockey and MAHA. We as a league can only do what we feel is best to protect our member teams. We will continue to act in the best interest of the players, the game and the league as we move into the future."

Tier III continues to be in a state of change, and not much looks to be settled until June.

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