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GOON – The movie

So, when comparing great hockey movies we think of Slap Shot, Miricle, Youngblood, and some of the younger folks will talk about the Mighty Ducks series.

Tonight "Goon" will hit the screens all across North America. While the trailer looks somewhat funny, there is something simply wrong about the timing of this movie.

With the movement to remove fighting from Junior Hockey, and the noted rise in injries to players, the glorification of fighting in our sport is not something that most of us would like to see.

Dont get me wrong, I like a good NHL tilt between heavies once in a while. But when you stereotype players as "Goons" that stereotype has a tendancy to rub off on the majority of players who are not "Goons".

Sure, those of us that have been around the game for a lifetime will understand the comedy, we will probably think about former team mates in that role, we will be able to laugh at the rediculous nature of the movie itself. It is the casual hockey fan, the novice being introduced to the sport, or the person who has never been to a game that could see our game in the wrong light because of this type of movie.

The casual fan, the newbie and those who dont understand the game and its history could be influenced in the oposite way we would hope if they come away from this movie thinking hockey players are "Goons", not smart, or not supremely talented athletes. If even a handful of people get turned off by this movie, it will hurt the game.

Slap Shot was a hilarious movie that realy came very close to showing minor pro hockey in an uneasily accurate 1970’s way. The Mighty Ducks series did an awful lot to bring new fans to the game and generate interest from players all over the country. Youngblood, what can we say about Rob Lowe trying to pull off being a hockey player that isnt funny!

As much as the movies mentioned above did a lot to influence our game in their time, "Goon" may have the same influence. Lets hope that there is some disclaimer somplace that says that this is not a real life representation of our game or athletes.

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