TJHN Website Upgrades

Over the next few weeks TJHN will be undergoing a website redesign. During this time, our news article archive will be available on a limited basis as we convert them to the new format.

Our archives will still be searchable for those that would like to look through those stories, but the format may not be as clean until the full site is launched.

We may also experience short spans of outages as the site updates itself on our severs. We will try to do most of the work on the weekends, while most of you are at the rink. This will allow us to continue our weekeday coverage, while implementing new options that will also allow us to publish every day of the week.

During this process we will be adding new features and benefits for our readers, we are sure you will enjoy. The entire process should be complete on or before February 1, 2013.

We appreciate your patience as we go through this process.

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