It Begins Today – The COVID Junior Hockey Season Begins

The 2020-2021 season, the COVID-19 Season begins today. Officially the Eastern Hockey League and the United States Premier Hockey League begin playing regular season games today.

While some people may not think this is news, it really is big news. Not only is competition back, but these competitors are really becoming “canaries in the coal mine” as the hockey world watches their return to play.

The EHL with is condensed East Coast footprint, and the USPHL with it’s larger nation wide footprint will be closely watched by everyone in the hockey world.

In that past they would be watched simply to observe the level of play, and now they are going to be watched for how they play in a pandemic environment.

Perhaps more than ever before, scouts, higher level coaches, administrators and government authorities will keep close watch on how all of these teams manage to play.

The one sure thing we know is that hockey is back in some communities. Players are excited, and if nothing else, some sense of normalcy will return to communities hopefully for a full and uninterrupted season.

I wish everyone well as they manage this great task, and hope everyone has a safe and successful season.

Joseph Kolodziej – Adviser