Jaw Impact In Hockey The Most Misunderstood Injury

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Jaw Impact in Hockey The Most Misunderstood Injury

Jaw impact has been widely known in boxing as the fastest way to create a knock out.
When a combatant’s punch is directed at the chin of his opponent, a large portion of the applied punch force will be transferred through the mandibular into the structures at the base of the skull.
There are no diffences in helmeted sports in relationship to jaw impact as in combat sports.

In hockey chin strap loading and blows delivered to the side of the jaw and directly up to the jaw do transmit force through the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) into the glenoid fossa and ultimately deforming the structures at the base of the skull.

The interaction of similar forces create the same injury in boxing and Hockey.

In 1903 James Gray published in the British Medical Journal "The Knock Out Blow On The Point Of The Jaw" Dr Grey was the first to take this issue seriously and as he said"Now a Man in perfect condition, going strong, neither tired nor blown , recieving a blow to the jaw instantly collapses and falls to the ground".

We wind the clock up to 1993 and in a independent study partially funded by NFL Charities and NOCSEA using a NOCSEA validated head form with a articulated jaw dropped 60 inches found more force from this impact than a helmet is certified to withstand .

In 1994 Dr Ed Williams published papers "A Pictorial review of a mechanism of injury for concussions in sports" Dr Williams looked exclusively at impact to the jaw

In 2005 Wayne State using the exact head form with a articulated jaw in 60 inch drop found exactly the similar results of jaw impact

In 2010 Oklahoma Athletic Trainers Association hosted the first symposium on jaw joint concussion and had experts form disciplines of medicine and science concur that jaw impact in real.

In 2011 a independent study fully funded by the NFL using a head from with a articulated jaw at Biokentics Laboratory found similar results as 1993 and Brain Pad Dual Arch reduced forces in 1993, 1994, 2005, 2010, and 2011

TJHN suggests players and parents look at Brain Pad for protection purposes.


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