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Kankakee Kingfish Join AAU GLJHL May 8, 2012 6:48 AM

Quoting their Facebook page, The Kankakee Kingfish have joined the GLJHL:

"The Kingfish joined the Great Lakes Junior Hockey League. Home games will be played at the Valley Ice Center starting in September. Summer Special Season tickets Adults $75.00 and Kids $25.00….Special expires August 31."

The Kingfish are not yet listed on the GLJHL site, and no link to the GLJHL could be found on the Kingfish website. No head coach has been named that TJHN is aware of and none is listed on the teams website.

The team is owned by John Rudolph. Mr. Rudolph gained ownership experience placing the Madison Ice Muskies in the All American Hockey League, a team which was also owned by his father Gene Rudolph. This experience was short lived as the Ice Muskies folded less than three months into their first season.

Various TJHN readers have submitted information regarding the Ice Muskies experiment, its outcome, and comments regarding the new Kingfish team. TJHN has elected to not publish those comments and will only publish the facts as reported, verified and able to be confirmed through third party sources.

Sources in Madison Wisconsin have informed TJHN that Ice Muskies players have yet to be paid what they are owed two years later. One former player contacted TJHN stating he would seek to file a legal claim against the Kingfish in order to recoup money owed, and stated further that he would be contacting all former players to make them aware of the situation so that they may join the action.

Other sources have informed TJHN that player housing while in Madison resulted in eviction due to non payment of rent.

A series of news articles were written about the Ice Muskies and the ownership group that any GLJHL player should acquaint himself with is below:




GLJHL membership was confirmed to the TJHN publisher by the now former President Gerry Lullove at a meeting held in Grand Rapids Michigan during the TJHN Pre Draft Showcase. John Rudolph was present at this meeting, as well at Hart Duddy representing Toledo, Doug and Paula Goudreau representing the Soo Fire Hawks, and Terry Kucharski representing the Michigan Ice Dogs.

Although denials of a meeting taking place have been stated, security video from the venue is available proving such a meeting took place.

TJHN will be following this event as more information develops.

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