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Matthew Wiggemansen

Publishers Opinion

Hearing that Matt Wiggemansen was healthy again, I wanted to see just how healthy he was so I traveled up to the Soo Eagles v Sudbury Cubs game on Saturday night.

Arriving at the Pullar, one of my favorite buildings, I was thinking that I should limit my expectations for this young man. Serious injuries to your knee and ankle are not easily over come. Factor in the layoff time for rehab, and I set some realistic goals that I would like to see from the player.

Everyone can read the Soo Eagles statistics and form the opinion that Wiggemansen is a better than average player. It doesnt take a genious to figure out that a player with 23 points in 15 games is pretty good.

What I saw from Wiggemansen was a player who is very close to being 100% healed. On a night where he was not needed to be someone who carried the playI looked for the tell tale signs of a player who is healed and ready.

There was some tenative moments where you could see just a little hesitation in a stop that looked a little more like a turn, and there was a little hesitancy in contact. These were most likely mental items where is brain is adjusting to his body being healthy again, learning to trust your body after the healing process.

I also saw a player who clearly has a whole lot more to give to the game, a player with a lot of room to continue developing, and that is what I had hopped to see. Speed, skill, vision, and hockey sense are qualities you look for when scouting, and this kid has them all. Watching him when he did not posses the puck, he was always in the right spot on the ice. Defensively he was responsible and played a solid two way game.

Is Wiggemansen D-1 ready? No. Given the rest of this season, a full summer of training, and an opportunity can he pay at a D-1 level? Definitely.

I wasnt the only one who noticed either. Several NCAA scouts were in the building taking notes as well a one minor league scout. How deep the Eagles go into the playoffs will determine how many more looks he gets from higher levels. Based on the conversations I had after the game, lets hope the Eagles go deep, because I was not the only person scouting who would like to see more.

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