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NCAA placement in United States Junior Hockey Leagues

Much discussion has taken place over the years and continues to take place on the benefits of Tier III Junior Hockey in the United States. According to USA Hockey computations delivered by recently retired Junior Council Vice President Dan Esdale in his 2010-2011 Year End Report to the Junior Council, the numbers simply can’t be denied.

2010-11 NCAA Placements:

D-III Placements: EJHL-103, AJHL-76, , NAHL-66, MetJHL-38, CSHL-31, , MnJHL-31, EmpJHL- 17, WSHL-25,NORPAC-9, CHA-5, SEJHL-2

D-I Placements: USHL-136, NAHL-69, EJHL-37, AJHL-16, MetJHL-9, CSHL-6, EmpJHL-5, NORPAC-4, MnJHL-2,CHA-3,WSHL-1

As expected, the USHL leads all other junior leagues in D-I placements, all other leagues combined were responsibile for 151 D-I placements while the USHL had 136. A few things to note in these numbers are obvious, the USHL is clearly the top league in the United States, yet nearly every league in the US is producing D-I level players.

D-III placements were lead by the EJHL, to those in the business this comes as no suprise. Suprising though was the Atlantic Junior Hockey League placing more players at the D-III level than the NAHL. Also of note were some combined college placement numbers, EJHL placements 140, NAHL 135, AJHL 92, MetJHL 47, and the NA3HL (CSHL) with 37. Missing from these numbers were the USHL players who went on to D-III schools, and there was no information on former USHL players who finished or accepted an NCAA offer while playing in another league.

It is important to look at these numbers as we prepare for the 2012 USA Hockey Annual Congress in Orlando Florida January 12-15.

Many people have been objecting to the expansion of Junior Hockey, particularly Tier III Junior Hockey over the last few years. Rule changes have been proposed to limit expansion, limit ages of players allowed to play at all junior levels, and recent rules implemented changed the time lines for expansion and relocation.

When looking at these numbers is is very hard to understand the complaint against junior hockey expansion at any level. When nearly 700 total players are provided an NCAA opportunity, clearly Junior Hockey in the United States is completing its mission as a whole. Is it a perfect system? Absolutely not. Is it a system that is young when compared to Canada’s? Yes, and in what most would describe as its formative stages, the condition of Junior Hockey in the United States is very good.

We must look at the US system compared to the Canadian system. Canada is the most successful country at producing professional and collegiate players. For many years the Canadian born players have out numbered US born players in the NCAA. That trend has been changing over the last few years. Recruiting at the NCAA level is becoming more focussed in the United States.

Is it a sense of Nationalism within Hockey? Possibly. Is it pressure from USA Hockey? There is definitely some of that. More than anything though it is the rapid development of Junior Hockey within the United States, the improved coaching within junior hockey at every level, and through that the development of better athletes in the United states. The reader should note, that these numbers from USAH do not include ACHA players, or scholarships provided by private institutions to ACHA players for Academics or Athletics.

The numbers dont lie, the growth of Juior Hockey has been good for American players.

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