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Opole HK – A New Path To College And Professional Hockey

Did you know that attending a European University is 60 to 80% less expensive than attending one in the United States? Did you know there is college hockey in Europe? Are you aware that the fastest way to playing pro hockey in Europe is to play Junior hockey in Europe?

Every year I speak to players who say they eventually want to play professionally in Europe. When I ask them how they intend to make that happen, none of them are able to answer with any factual based response.

There are two countries in Europe that have no import player restrictions, Germany and Poland. All others are limited to a few import players per team.

European teams DO NOT scout in North America. So unless you’re a high level NCAA D-1 player or an NHL draft pick, the odds of you playing in Europe are about one in one hundred thousand. Unless you play Junior or University hockey in Europe.

Lets be realistic. Not everyone is destined for NCAA hockey at any level. Not everyone can even get through the admissions process due to poor academics. There is a different and actually more realistic way to make your dream of playing in Europe a reality.

Ask any player or agent what the hardest part of playing in Europe is and they will all tell you that it is getting your first contract. Why? Because European teams don’t scout North American Universities or Junior Hockey teams. They don’t have the budgets to do so.

The easiest way to play in Europe is to build a reputation in Europe playing Junior and/or University hockey in Europe.

In Poland, scouts from Russia, Czech, Slovakia, Germany, France, Sweden, Belarus, and Norway are regularly seen at games all season long.

It would make sense for a scout to want to see how a player performs on the Olympic sized ice before committing to that player. That can not be done in most cases in North America.

Opole HK in its first year will see four players move on to Professional hockey, and two players move on to play University hockey.

With all games broadcast for scouts, Opole HK is also a path to NCAA hockey in the United States, as two players will attend NCAA programs in 2021-2022.

If you are a player who is looking for opportunity. A player who feels he has been over looked, or may not be getting the breaks he needs to get that next opportunity. Opole HK may be your answer.

Outside of the USHL and Major Junior, no other program in North America offers the training facilities, nutrition and competition level that Opole HK offers.

Playing in the MHL, Poland’s highest level junior league, and the European University Hockey League, Opole HK is the Gold Standard for development and exposure.

For more information on how you can become a member of Opole HK and how you can take your game to the next level, contact Head Coach Brad Zangs

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