Opole HK – COVID-19 Prevention Protocols

Opole HK, the Play Safe Stay Safe program beginning in Opole Poland during the 2020-2021 season is announcing its own COVID-19 Prevention Protocols.

These Protocols have been designed with common sense in mind, and an abundance of caution while preparing for competition this season.

  1. All players must be tested before arriving in Opole
  2. All players will be re-tested within 72 hours of arriving in Opole
  3. The player dressing room is to be disinfected daily
  4. All player training equipment is to be disinfected daily
  5. Players shall live together in a closed environment with no access available within the living quarters to members of the public
  6. Food shall be delivered to the closed living quarters twice weekly
  7. All spectators at games will be required to wear masks
  8. Spectators will be required to sit while social distancing measures are in place
  9. Spectators may only sit in seats on the opposite side of the arena from the player bench’s
  10. Spectator seating will begin six rows up from the glass to limit potential close contact with players during games
  11. Players will be tested at least once per month randomly
  12. Players will be tested more frequently if there are any suspected instances of exposure
  13. Mask wearing will be required when out in public
  14. Bubble facial protection on ice is recommended
  15. Players will not share water bottles or towels on the bench
  16. Over night trips will be lead by an advance team to ensure disinfection of accommodations
  17. Accommodations on over night trips shall be isolated on one floor or within one building that will not have access to the public
  18. The team bus will undergo disinfection before every use
  19. In the event of a positive test result, the entire team will be re-tested and isolate until test results are returned
  20. In the event of an outbreak of COVID-19 that places the health and welfare of the players, coaches and front office staff at an escalated risk, the season will be terminated and all players given and immediate release and sent home to the United States or Canada

Additionally, all players will undergo educational information sessions concerning limiting potential exposure risks.

The Play Safe Stay Safe program in Opole Poland is the only one of its kind in European junior hockey.

English speaking coaches and players will assemble and play a fully sanctioned season in the top Polish Junior League.

Starting with training camp on August 24th, and a regular season start scheduled for the weekend of September 11th, Opole HK is looking forward to an on time and safe start to the 2020-2021 season.

For more information on the Play Safe Stay Safe program contact Head Coach Todd White todd.white1977@gmail.com or visit the team website at http://opolehk.com