Opole HK – Play Safe Stay Safe – Announces Support Staff

Opole HK is please to announce they have added several key members to the program.

“We went out and looked for the best people possible to work with the players arriving in Opole today.” Said General Manager Przemek Pakosz

“For us as a club, it is essential that we deliver every advantage to the players development that we can. These young men are traveling a long way to develop and we are looking forward to a successful season.”

Krzysztof Klimontowski – Physiotherapist

Krzysztof comes to Opole HK after working for the former Opole professional hockey club.

Extensive years of service including two times with Polish National teams at the Beijing and Barcelona Olympics.

Piotr Sajko – Equipment Manager

Piotr is an Opole resident actively involved with the Opole youth hockey program as an assistant coach.

Piotr looks forward to assisting the players in their development by maintaining a high level of service with the highest levels of cleanliness.

Karolina Cytrynska – Nutrition Specialist.

Karolina comes to Opole KH to provide players with the right nutrition process and awareness of proper nutrition. Karolina will take care of the preparation of a balanced diet, prepare the menu and take care of the delivery of the right food products. Karolina’s motto is: “Eating is a necessity, but eating intelligently is an art.”