Opole HK – Play Safe Stay Safe – Has Openings Due To Injury

The Opole HK Play Safe Stay Safe program in Opole Poland has two defense positions, and one forward position to fill due to injury.

“We lost a few players over the last few weeks, and we are looking for quality players to get into the lineup.” Said Head Coach Todd White

“As we head into the stretch run of our season, added some very high quality players. We need a few more guys on the back end who can keep shots outside and clear out the crease.”

Opole HK currently sits in third place, while looking to make a championship run.

For those who don’t know, Poland is playing traditional hockey. No restrictions are placed on players. The only change for now is that fans are not allowed in the buildings for games.

“Opole HK players are training in the gym and on the ice every day of the week.” Said Associate Coach Kyle Lambourne

“We have world class training facilities and we are using them to develop world class athletes. Scouting is up, and players are being recognized for their continued development.”

Several players on Opole HK are now being evaluated for their respective National Team programs, while several others with Polish heritage are being watched by the Polish National Team.

Players with Polish roots, can gain citizenship, and have the potential to play for the National Team. Poland is now openly looking for those players who can help get Poland back to the Winter Olympics, and under certain conditions, those with Polish roots can qualify.

Two players over the next two weeks will receive call ups from the professional PHL league. Opportunities are available for direct Pro placement for those who are not taking the NCAA path.

Yes. Even though Europe is “closed” to most people, Opole HK can still bring players to Poland with the appropriate documentation. Two players from the United States and Canada arrived last week.

For more information on Opole HK please contact Head Coach Todd White todd.white1977@gmail.com