Opole HK – Play Safe Stay Safe – Signs Remus Gheorghe

The Play Safe Stay Safe program launched in Opole Poland for the 2020-2021 is pleased to announce that Remus Gheorghe has committed to bringing his talents to Opole Poland

The Romanian Forward is joining the roster of talented players who have already arrived in Opole Poland. Remus sought out the Management team of Opole HK through a hockey contact in Slovakia, looking for a program to elevate his training and game performance.

Remus has made the decision to leave Galati Romania and his trusted coach for an organization lead by those who are trusted in Opole. After a few years of relationship building between management of Opole HK and Galati more players will likely be coming to Opole in the future.

Remus has great experience in Romania as well as the world stage. Representing his county the last four years in world championship competition.

“We are very excited to have Remus join the team.” Said Head Coach Todd White “Getting another European player involved was important for us as an organization. Having Remus just makes our team more competitive and adds another element of cultural diversity.”

The 2001 birth year player is looking forward to the opportunity to be seen by junior and professional scouts from around Europe representing European and North American teams.

For more information on the Play Safe Stay Safe program contact Head Coach Todd White todd.white1977@gmail.com or visit the team website at http://opolehk.com