Opole HK – Play Safe Stay Safe – Signs Tyrell Barore

The Play Safe Stay Safe program launching in Opole Poland for the 2020-2021 is pleased to announce that Tyrell Barore has committed to take his talents to Europe.

The first Canadian was next in line to turn in his contract and is excited about the challenge of playing on the larger ice surface next season.

Barore competed with the Slave Lake Icedogs in Canada last season.

Barore in a limited season due to injury put up a half a point per game before ending his season. Looking forward to using the bigger ice surface and take advantage of his skating ability, Barore is looking forward to a new start this season.

Seeing how many top players are coming from Europe now, it made sense to gain the same experience they are getting.

The 2001 birth year player is looking forward to the opportunity to be seen by junior and professional scouts from around Europe representing European and North American teams.

With the uncertainty in Canada and the United States right now, Barore felt the Play Safe Stay Safe program allowed for him to have the best opportunity to enjoy an uninterrupted 2020 2021 season.

For more information on the Play Safe Stay Safe program contact Head Coach Todd White todd.white1977@gmail.com or visit the team website at http://opolehk.com