Opole HK Signs Matt Osadick Maine Black Bears Commit

Opole HK continues to build for the 2021-2022 season with the addition of Matthew Osadick on loan from the University of Maine.

Osadick is a veteran of 107 Manitoba Junior Hockey League games and 52 British Columbia Hockey League games. Putting up 133 points in 159 games in two of the best junior hockey leagues in North America is a lot of fire power to add to an Opole HK team that lead the nation in goals with 140 last season.

“I am truly excited to have Matthew become part of our team in Opole.” Said Opole HK Head Coach Brad Zangs “I believe that with Matthew’s veteran leadership he will help our younger players adjust to playing at a higher level.”

Osadick would have been a red shirt freshman at the University of Maine this season. Rather than not playing, he can take classes on line and still play at a high level while preparing for Maine in 2022-2023.

“Getting a proven veteran, who is preparing to play NCAA Division one college hockey will allow some of our other players to learn what it takes to be a Division one player.” Said Opole HK Owner/General Manager Joseph Kolodziej “We are in a unique position to have players who have aged out of traditional North American Junior programs being able to come to us as we operate a completely amateur U-23 team.”

Drafted in the USHL in 2018 and 2019, Osadick brings pro level speed, and a release that one BCHL goaltender called “laser like”. Laser like? You can be the judge…

Opole HK offers world class training facilities, high level international competition, and high level nutrition to assist athletes in their physical growth. With additional space and wifi available, students can take advantage of distance learning options while competing at the highest of levels.

For more information on playing for Opole HK please contact Head Coach Brad Zangs brad@opolehk.com