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Potential USHL Eastern Markets

If TJHN had any say in how the USHL moved forward with expansion in the Eastern United States, we would suggest the following:

Elmira New York: A city that shows great support for its teams over a long period of time. With the ECHL Jackals on the ropes concerning their ability to continue in Elmira based on forclosure proceedings with team ownership. Elmira would be a great location when looking at other potential candidates.

Erie PA: Home of the OHL Otters, Erie has supported this team for a decade. Rumored to be on the way out and possibly headed to Hamilton Ontario, Erie would be a great USHL city. With arena renovations begun, the USHL could easily move in to a very nice building once the Otters leave.

Adirondack NY: With the Phantoms moving to their new home in PA after the 2012-2013 season, and its close location to Elmira, this is another great location for the USHL to consider.

Lewiston Maine: Colisee owner Jim Cain has made no secret he is pursuing a USHL franchise. With the other locations listed, Lewiston becomes very viable.

Buffalo NY: Long rumored to be a location hopping to land a Major Junior or USHL program, this could be the time. Sources in Western New York have confirmed that there is an ownership group willing to purchase a franchise and build a new arena to house a team. Buffalo and the surrounding area has proven to be one of the best hockey markets in the country. Although a small NHL market it consistantly leads the NHL in televsion ratings.

IF, the USHL considers each of these marets and each of their unique demographics, we believe they could see great success. These markets regularly develop high level hockey players, have great youth hockey associations, and have the hockey fan base to become successful. The next twenty four months will be interesting as it appears the USHL will head east, the question is when?

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