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QMJHL’s PEI Rocket To Change Name August 24, 2012 9:04 AM

The PEI Rocket are undergoing a name change and the actual naming process is being opened up to Rocket fans across Prince Edward Island. With all of the news regarding the CHLPA, this somehow flew under the radar.

Any time a team changes its name and/or logo there is a reason for it. Usually that reason in related to the bottom line of what is going into the team bank accounts. The Rocket are celebrating their 10 year anniversary this season, which make the name change and rebranding strategy that much more peculiar.

The original naming of the "Rocket" was derived from the connection Serge Savard Sr. had with Maurice "The Rocket" Richard and the team was playing out of the Rocket Richard Arena in Montreal at the time. The idea of rebranding is said to be one of the first things discussed among ownership and Trent Birt when Birt took over as VP of Operations.

The team has stated the decision was made due to feedback from the community that a name change was desired due to the lack of connection or identity with the name "Rocket". However, the decision was delayed because of numerous changes taking place throughout the organization.

Within the past 14 months there have been numerous personnel changes throughout the organization.

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