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Steve Shannon Out Of Port Huron – Mike Gershon Interim Tag October 23, 2012 10:30 AM

The Port Huron fighting Falcons have been excellent on the ice in the win and loss column, but it wasn’t enough to keep Steve Shannon on the job.

With rumors of bounced payroll checks going back as far as a month ago, unpaid bills within the local business community, and a lack of organization in the front office, Steve Shannon has become the fall guy.

Owner Maribeth Hayes, appears to have scorched the Port Huron hockey and business community from a few thousand miles away. The result of that has been lack of support from sponsors, and a lack of support in gate receipts. While many will try to place blame at the feet of Shannon, leadership from ownership has been non-existant.

At 1:00 pm yesterday Ms. Hayes removed Shannon as Vice President, General Manager and Board of Govenors Representative. At 7:30 Ms. Hayes phoned Shannon and removed him as Head Coach. Why the double move? Only Maribeth Hayes can answer that. What does this show? A level of indecisiveness that has crippled the Fighting Falcons since she took over as owner.

With a lawsuit pending against her from the former owners, this saga may yet be left to play out in the courts of Michigan.

Mike Gershon will be filling in as interim Head Coach for the Falcons until the NAHL offices decides if they will take over management of the team or if a new owner can be found. Gershon is more than capable of filling in, and was very active in building the team with Shannon.

To be sure the Fighting Falcons will continue on, and should continue their success on the ice. The only question to be answered is who will own the team two weeks from now.

By Joseph Kolodziej

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