The Black List – Chapter Four – WSHL Teams To Avoid

The WSHL, like every other league has good and bad operators.  It’s simply the way things work and a matter of numbers.  For every good operator you are probably going to find a bad one.

Some people simply shouldn’t be placed in decision making positions when it concerns the lives of young men, or business.  Its those operators that should be avoided.  There are plenty of decent operators in the pay to play junior hockey market that will take good care of you and provide value to you.

The following teams in the WSHL simply are not worthy of consideration as they do not pay their bills even when they admit owing them.

Casper Coyotes

Springfield Express

Oklahoma City Blazers

El Paso Rhinos

Colorado Jr. Eagles

Utah Outliers

These WSHL members are also the members that are, or were involved in attempting to start the C1HL.  Though the Outliers came to this group after the original meetings, they too have shown they do not pay their bills.

In business, there are some simple markers anyone can use to grade the quality of operator.  Whether it is a gas station, or a hockey team, if you don’t pay the bills, you shouldn’t be in business.

This group, in their short tenure working together has shown they are incapable of even getting a league website operational after having more than six months to work on it.

They further admit in writing that they did not even execute their corporate documents until April 6th, 2017.  Nearly six months after they were said to be in the works.

This group of pretenders to the free to play junior hockey market have proven themselves to be anything but trustworthy business operators.  There are plenty of good operators out there that will provide a value to the consumer.

Value.  In part that word is defined as “a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life.”

If these teams do not value operating in a professional manner when paying their bills, what does that say about their behavior and judgement?  Are these teams you want to be instilling values into your young athletes?

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher

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