The Black List – Chapter One – Hockey Family Advisers To Avoid – Part One

Alright kids, here we go.  Below you are gonna find a list of “family advisers or advisors” you really need to run like hell from.  You’re also gonna find reasons why you need to run like hell from them.

Yeah, yeah, I know its so not nice of me.  Really though, if you kids don’t wake up you’re gonna continue to let people take advantage of your fear, and your lack of knowledge.  Yeah, kind of like when you really need a car and you go to one of those buy here pay here places and come to find out you just bought a piece of crap, that’s what usually happens with these guys.

How did we make this first list?  Oh I just got copies of emails forwarded to me, copies of invoices, team statements, player statements, parent statements, and all kinds of good stuff.  Oh yeah, and if you find your adviser listed here, sorry about your luck but you probably just got screwed.

Here we go in no particular order;

Charlie Pens – Looks like old Charlie likes to charge teams that he places players with.  Yep, take a fee from the players, then charge the team $500 to $1000 bucks per player.  Completely unethical to do that kids.  Oh yeah, we got the emails kids and they come from Charlie’s email address.  Not only do we have the emails, we got us an invoice sent to a team with the player named!  Oh yeah, and lets not forget getting kids to do his dirty work on with social media posts.  Yeah Charlie we got screen shots of kids admitting you put them up to it buddy.  Welcome to The Black List Charlie.

Dan D’Astoli – Turns out Dan likes to charge players and teams too.  Shocking I know.  It gets better though kids, if the teams don’t pay when he wants them he likes to whack em for an extra “late fee”.  Good old Dan also tried running a camp this year where the scouts weren’t even provided contact information to the players because they had to go through him!  Why would he do that?  Well they had to agree to pay him the fee for getting them the player! Ummmmmm yeah, isn’t the whole idea of a showcase to make sure scouts get the information because they showed up?  Scouts and Coaches from multiple teams have gone on record with this one.  Welcome to The Black List Dan.

David Mac Donald – Oh boy, this one just likes to scare kids and parents.  We got a great newsletter email where he basically tells everyone that attended a Quebec Major Junior camp they are “99% ensure that the players’ NCAA eligibility is forever extinguished “!  The Title of the Newsletter?  “Over A Hundred 2000 born Players Make Decision To Reject NCAA College Hockey As An Option For The Future” Seriously, he put it in writing and sent it to god knows how many people!  Oh yeah, and two parents we spoke to said that in conversations with them, David told them it was his job to turn players in who may have gone to Major Junior camps to make sure they lost NCAA eligibility!  Nothing like intimidation to close a deal.  Oh and the deal?  Yep, just a little $5000 fee for what a few parents said amounted to “open camp invitations”.  Welcome to The Black List David.

Randy Edmonds – This is just a damn shame.  Selling the dream of pro hockey for a fee.  Yep, people are actually believing that if they pay to play their first year of pro hockey over in Europe they will be on their way!  Ummmmm yeah, not so much.  It is not Pro Hockey if you are paying to play.  Pro Hockey is Pro Hockey because you get paid to play!  Wake up will ya!  Ummmm yeah and kids coming out of Tier III Junior are almost never ready for any level of Pro Hockey.  Its a real bitch when you fly over to Europe ready to play, get to the town, and no one is there to pick you up.  Its really a bitch when someone does come to pick you up just heard about you and there is no spot on the team for you, but hey you can sleep on the couch for a few days while you arrange to go somewhere else!  Ten grand for a few games or no games?  Sounds like a deal to me!  Welcome to The Black List Randy.

Want to be removed from The Black List?  Email us a written statement you will discontinue these practices.  Want to be added to The Black List?  Someone will eventually send us the goods.

Got a subject or information for The Black List that we can follow up on?  Let me know in an email to

We need proof of anything we put on The Black List.  Verifiable information, not some he said this or that stuff.  You have to put your contact info in the email too.  We will keep our sources confidential, but we have to know who those sources are.

Now, bring on the hate mail.

David Wagner

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