The Black List – Chapter Three – Verse One – Teams Every Player Should Avoid

Ahhhhhhh, yes, let me start with a nice big stretch.  You know, you got to get a good stretch in before you get out there and kick the shit out of people.  Yep, just loosen up and warm up the old fingers for what may be an overtime situation with this subject.

So, just in case you guys wondered, I am not gonna discriminate with this batch.  Doesn’t matter if the team is USA Hockey, Hockey Canada, independent or AAU.  If you run a shit operation, you are gonna get listed.  That’s right, all you douche bags that like to sign 4, 5 or 6 goalies.  All you scum bags who like to take the ice with un-safe roster numbers.  All you idiots signing players because they have a pulse and a check book.  You will all be covered in this multi verse chapter.

Too bad the Shelburne Stars already folded because they would have made this list.  But hey, there is always next year when this turd pops back up because the septic tank is too full.

A couple of tips here for ya kids;

Don’t sign with a team who wont tell you how many players they have signed.

Don’t sign with a team that doesn’t have a clearly understandable refund policy.

Do not pay any expansion team all the money up front.

Look at the roster from last year and see how many players left the team.

If you are a goalie, no team should carry more than 3 goalies.

And now, our first lucky contestant on The Black List for teams to avoid is……………………..

How about the Rocky Mountain Junior Hockey League?

Yeah, I thought you might like that one.  Ummmmm yeah.  Well, I got to tell ya, any league that recruits Tier III players from the players they cut from their Midget AAA teams is not a Junior Hockey League.  Get it straight fella’s Junior Hockey is supposed to be a level higher than AAA hockey not the other way around!

This year the RMJHL will expand their traveling gong show to seven teams from last years six teams.  Ahhhhhhhh yes, do you smell the stench of the rotting corpse’s of players from last season?  No?  Oh well its probably because there is no Alumni page for the league to brag about all the players that didn’t move on to NCAA hockey.

I understand why the league was allowed to form.  USA Hockey was afraid of more WSHL expansion and they wanted to protect their home turf in Colorado.  Reasonable in theory, terrible in practice.

Unless your a house league player looking for a junior hockey experience that only the nicest check books can afford, avoid the whole damn league!

Ohhhhhhh now don’t you think I am picking on the RMJHL now.  Stop your sniveling now you little babies.

And now………Yes, I have made you wait.  I know a lot of you are looking for the GMHL teams that make this list.

How about the North York Renegades!!!!

This shit show had four goalies on the end of the year roster and the best GAA was over 4!!!  Now that’s some quality defense in front of those net minders kids!  Can you believe they only had 39 players go through the team during the season?!

How about the West Nipissing Lynx!!!

The Sturgeon Falls Lumberjacks have new owners and there is nothing like a shiny new name to clean up the reputation of a shitty team.  Yep, just polish that turd boys and one day it will turn into s shiny turd.

Want some more?

You are just going to have to wait for Verse Two.  See ya in two weeks kids.

David Wagner

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