The Black List – Chapter Two – Camps And Showcases To Avoid

Good morning everyone!  Well, it wont be a good morning for everyone, but you know what I mean.

So, I spent a lot of time on this one kids.  I spent a ton of time reading emails, and doing a lot of snooping around.  Turns out that some people were afraid of being in this Chapter of The Black List.  I cant imagine why people would be afraid though.  I mean if you’re not ripping people off and making promises you cant keep, you really got nothing to worry about.  Its pretty simple when you think of it.

Now, since I originally finished this an turned it over to the boss for fact checking and all the important legal stuff we have to go through, my nuts were cut off a little on this one.  Primarily because some people providing “evidence” were not providing real “evidence” they were just bitching about their experience.  This isn’t your personal spot on the web to bitch about the stupid decision you made and want to blame other people for.

Camps and Showcases.

They are supposed to provide player exposure to scouts, create opportunity, and increase visibility of the player who may be an unknown or little known prospect.

Its a simple f#*king concept people.  Its not about who wins the showcase, or who scores the most goals, or all the free t-shirts, hats, and other bullshit you get enticed with.  Not one scout gives a shit who wins the showcase or scores the most goals, or how many free things you get for coming.

So before we start naming names, here are some “RED FLAGS” to look for when selecting your camps or showcases;

Does the event advertise and name specific coaches coming to scout? 

If so, you better ask if those coaches are “paid” to attend, or have their expenses covered to attend, or get anything of value to attend.  See, if they do, they aren’t going there for any other reason than to collect a check or what ever else they are getting.

Does the event advertise its Player Alumni page?

If they have an alumni page and the alumni aren’t matching up to the “scouts” listed as attending, then you already have your answer.  If they don’t have an alumni page its probably a good bet its a horse shit event.

Alumni Page Red Flags!

If you see a majority of alumni at the Tier III or ACHA level, its not an NCAA prospect event!

Does the event feature more than six or eight teams?

See, coaches and scouts don’t want to sit in the arena all day long any more than you do.  Six or eight teams is 120 to 200 players.  That’s plenty to watch, and when there is more than that scouts and coaches lose track of players, and confuse one player with another.

Can any player sign up for the event?

Yeah, this is the good one.  Any moron with a paypal account, or credit card can just go on line and fill out his profile and pay.  If its an open event, and anyone can register, don’t expect anything more than Tier III opportunities.  These are the biggest bullshit events of them all.

Does the event withhold player contact information from scouts?

That’s right kids.  You pay to be scouted, and these assholes are not giving your info out to the scouts that come.  And if they do, those scouts have to wait until the paid scouts get it first!  You are paying to get your information out there and they are not delivering!

So here are just a few to avoid.  Avoid meaning run like your house is on fire;

The Michigan Pre Draft

The Michigan Pre Draft in Canton Michigan is a GMHL event.  Its owned by a GMHL guy, and it is designed specifically for GMHL team recruiting.  Not only that, but they do not provide player contact information to any scouts attending other than GMHL scouts.  That’s right, even if someone legitimate was interested in you, they have no way to contact you.  Oh yeah, and if you have a coach who wants to put a “team” in this event, run like hell because he is only doing it to make money off your ass.  There is only one legitimate Pre Draft Combine and it is sponsored by TJHN.  Do not be fooled by imitations.

HPA “Combine”

This one is just absolute bullshit.  First of all no one is going to Ft. Wayne Indiana to scout any real prospects.  Second of all its run like a private garage sale.  The Tier III coaches that did show up, had to go through the “Agent” running the thing in order to talk to players!  Yeah kids, if you didn’t get permission and agree to pay the “Agent” you didn’t get to talk to the player.   No wonder why legitimate scouts left early.

Minnesota “Combine”

This event claims to be associated with the USHL and its not.  This event is organized by a few coaches looking to make extra money on the side as advisers too!  Just a hint kids, you cant work as a coach and an adviser, its a conflict of interest.

The Showcase Denver – (Named after a major hockey equipment manufacturer)

This is a huge event by all accounts.  Yep, a huge amount of teams that when scouts come to watch they don’t get access to the players during the event.  That’s right, you pay for scouting and scouts aren’t allowed to talk to you until the end of the event, and your contact info isn’t given out until the event is over.  Well that is unless you’re one of the Tier III guys working the event who is given immediate access to the players and info.


Yeah so, that probably pissed off enough people for the rest of the summer to make life interesting.  The email inbox should start filling up pretty quickly today and I am betting my boss gets more than a few phone calls.  Oh well, probably shouldn’t be running events like this if you don’t want to get exposed for it.

But hey, we are already working on the next Black List.  Yes, it is the one you have all been waiting for.  It is a list of the Teams every player should avoid and why.  Oh yeah kids, right about now there was s huge collective crap in a bunch of team owners beds.

See this list may be so big it may take up more than one chapter.  If I am guessing, I am guessing two, maybe three chapters on this one kids.  Twenty, thirty, forty teams?  More?  Who knows, but if the leagues wont police themselves and simply crush the bad operators, we will expose them and let you crush them by not signing with them.

See ya soon kids!

David Wagner

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