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The Death Pool – Another One For The Slaughter House

The GMHL is known for a few things like bad hockey, and bad organizations across Canada. They are a model of consistency when it comes to displaying inconsistency.

Many have said, I pick on the G show too much over the years. The boys in the G show are usually the ones doing the most complaining. Their complaints usually come from being called out for misleading people to get their money, or for outright lying to people to get their money, or for selling franchises to people who will lie to people to get their money.

But according to them its “all about the kids”.

So today it is with a dash of sorrow I am reporting the demise of the long time GMHL money grabbing Bradford Bulls.

Just last season the Bulls-hitters were playing in the GMHL semi finals. A successful season by G show measures. Though getting swept in the semi final round may have been the final nail in the coffin.

And now that my dash of sorrow is all used up, lets celebrate one less G show misinformation outlet. And one less organization out there collecting money from parents who either don’t know better or players who simply need to accept that they are not at a level they think they are.

Lets be clear, the G show is not Junior A or Tier II level. It is not even Junior B level and the best team would likely get their ass handed to them from a middle of the pack NA3HL team. Yes. It is that bad, and that is exactly what scouts think of it.

While making claims of promotions to NCAA and professional hockey, those claims are completely unfounded. do a little digging and you will see that a player played one game for a team when he was 15 or 16 and the G show claims him as a pro or a college commitment. Not exactly like they developed him in one game.

Do more digging and you can find players didn’t even play in the G but maybe were rostered or drafted in the G and they claim his development. I know, just minor details right?

Now though, the G show has one less collection station for tuition and those all important league dues. Funny how good karma works. When you don’t earn any you just don’t get any.

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