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The Death Pool – CIHL Is The Latest To Leave AAU – UHU Has Two Members For Now

Happy Monday kids!  Don’t you just love Mondays?  I know I do, its the day I usually get to bring you the latest in hockey screw ups, shut downs, and career ending public mistakes.

Today is a little different though, well I think it is anyway, you can be the judge….

So, as early as August, the United Hockey Union, which is AAU’s alleged governing body, had the WSHL, MWJHL, NSHL, CIJHL, and CIHL as members.

First the CIHJL didn’t get off the ground.  Ummmm yeah even the slightest of due diligence would have shown everyone that was a train wreck in the making.  That left the UHU with four members.

Well then the NSHL had to go ahead and bust the bubble and become an affiliate of the NAHL making the worlds longest acronym in the NA3EHL for junior hockey.  This left the UHU with three members.

Then the news breaks, thanks to yours truly, that the MWJHL is planning to leave the UHU at the end of this season.  Yep, multiple factions want to join USA Hockey.  Not a bad deal for them, only thing is that its likely going to leave the league with less members because half of the league doesn’t want to make the move.  More on that in a sec…..

Now you have the CIHL leaving AAU as of today.  Now they said that the AAU guys were great to work with, but we know the real reason why they are leaving.

AAU, or the UHU came up with a new “import insurance” policy that was ridiculously over priced, and was not fully disclosed to team owners or players before they went to the great white north.  Lets just say it didn’t go over too well when the bomb was dropped.

There is also another little issue called expansion.

The UHU wouldn’t let the CIHL expand into the United States.  Yep, some stupid excuse of territory rights and import insurance.  Ummmmmm hey, isn’t that what those new policies were supposed to be for?  Ummmmmmm yeah get back to me on that.

Territory rights of the MWJHL or NSHL?  Ummmmmm yeah, ya probably want to check the news once in a while kids, one league is gone and the other is leaving.  Not too smart a move there boys and girls.

The official CIHL statement concerning the reasons for leaving:

  • One was the additional import insurance costs for Americans playing junior hockey here in Canada even though 90 per cent of USA CIHL Hockey student-athletes, through their families had their own primary insurance in place. This already allowed players full coverage to play in Canada and covered should an accident and or injury happen while playing junior hockey here in Canada;
  • The second was the vision of CIHL Hockey. The league was created eight months ago to provide an international junior hockey opportunity to world-wide players, without borders. However, the AAU-UHU governing body would not allow for CIHL Hockey expansion into Michigan and other States surrounding the Great Lakes waterway system as a one -league platform with teams on both sides of the border.

So, ummmmm yeah, about that expansion thing, and about protecting the territory rights of your MWJHL teams that are leaving you……meet the newest CIHL member…….The Kalkaska Rhinos.  Yep, right down the street from your Traverse City Hounds, and a program that is second to none.

Ohhhhhhhh snap, and a little more about that expansion…….Yeah um well it looks like this league will blanket the Mid West and the Great Lakes region in oooohhhhhhhh about a year or so.

Many of my little cherubs are reporting multiple franchise locations in the Mid West and surrounding the entire Great Lakes region next year.  Yeah, imagine that, a league with no import limits, no borders, and insurance coverage that you can use even if you get the sniffles?  Say it aint so kids!  Someone, or some group of someone’s is actually putting together something without 500 layers of red tape to get through in order to do something?

I wonder if the UHU can really be called a “Union” when you only have one member?

David Wagner – The Angel Of Death – For Those Who Live Stupidly I salute You

*The Death Pool is a mix of comedy, and satire in connection with recent events.  It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening.

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