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The Death Pool – Dirty Dan Garneau Did It Again

Three years ago, we exposed Dan Garneau, and Elite Hockey Prep Camp for the Fraud that he and his camp are, and the Fraud that he commits against unsuspecting parents and players.

At the request of concerned friends of Dan’s we took down that article when he promised to remain out of hockey, and promised he wouldn’t kill himself. So, it looks like him staying out of hockey was just another one of his numerous lies.

This time, under no circumstances will this article be taken down. And where do we start?!

Numerous parents have been contacting TJHN for months asking questions about the old article because Dan Garneau had restarted his camp operation. We remained neutral as we had agreed when we took down the original article, even though Dan was not keeping his end of the bargain.

Just in case though, we kept an eye on things and collected reports. Needless to say, the reports are not good. On top of that, there may be some larger problems for Dan coming his way based upon written promises and promises made in phone calls that were not kept.

On and off ice testing was promised to take place. It did not happen. Dan told the players that the company simply did not show up. Dan has done this exact thing before at Niagara University when he held a camp there. How many companies do you know of that don’t show up when they are under contract?

14 NCAA Division One Coaches were promised to be running the team benches. Their photos were used on the event website as a lure to get players registered. When you see all these big names “invited” that doesn’t mean they are coming! Parents and players should have known better.

Coaches and scouts once listed are now being removed from his website.

Dan is now claiming 8 Junior A scouts, 5 NCAA D-1 scouts, and 3 NCAA D-3 scouts attended. That’s a lot less than the 14 NCAA D-1 scouts who were supposed to be actually coaching the teams. This is nice, but the camp was supposed to be an NCAA scouting event, not a Junior A event.

NCAA coaches in many cases put on their own camps in the summer and those are the only camps you can be sure that coaches named will be attending. If it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!

Every one of these facts were presented to Dan Garneau, and not one of them was denied. Blame was placed on other people, and of course he cant control who attended. Then again, he could control who he said was going to attend and ultimately did not attend.

RinkNet was promised to be there doing scouting reports on all players. That did not happen because that is not what RinkNet does.

Referee’s for the games were limited because the scheduling was not done far enough in advance. This lead to ONE or TWO referee’s per game, creating unsafe conditions because there was fighting and head contact issues.

25 minute “stop time” halves turned into 25 minute RUNNING TIME halves. Dan admitted in an email after the camp to players and parents that he made this decision to keep players from being injured.

Parents are now saying that the only reason this was a concern was because many rosters did not have full teams. In an email Dan claimed there were 32 players who simply did not show up, deflecting the blame.

The truth is though, that when booking ice well in advance, you have to tell the arena how much ice you will use. You can not just shave off twenty hours or so of ice at the last minute because there is an ice contract. Running time periods were used to increase profits and reduce costs.

This camp was $450 per player to attend. Each game was 50 minutes. This camp used less than 50 hours of ice. There were 16 teams consisting of nearly 200 players. That is a lot of money for 25 minute run time periods with one or two referees.

Seminars? One seminar was reported to be about WWE wrestling. Considering each team was named after some kind of wrestling team or phrase, this made sense, but it did not make sense to parents or players.

“Scouting Packages”? Scouting packages have not been provided to anyone who attended. This was admitted in an email after the camp from Dan to all players and parents.

“Player Report Cards” were also promised. When parents asked about this Dan responded in an email;

“After I am done dealing with correcting the stats and making sure all the video is properly uploaded than we can work on delivering report cards/feedback to the players.  Like I said earlier it’s not going to be an NHL 22 be a player profile type thing where there is a million things of your game that the scouts have notes on.  It’s simply to get some feedback and that’s it.”  

Who talks to paying customers like that? If its not going to be an NHL 22 profile, why was a sample not provided before the event so people would know what to expect?

In his last email to players and parents prior to attending he promised:

“Boston Pizza 

The deal is being finalized today with Boston Pizza Cobourg for the Boston Pizza 3 stars of the game.  First star of the game will receive $100 gift certificate, 2nd star will get $75 gift certificate and 3rd star will get a $50 gift certificate.  Also, Boston Pizza is providing lunch and dinner for the scouts, staff, agents, and media on the Thursday.  This way we have happy scouts not leaving the arena and missing games to go eat!!  I really put my scouts cap on for this one here!”

Boston Pizza did not sponsor the event. Gift cards were not provided. Gift cards, when given to an amateur athlete for a reward in competing in an amateur event would be an NCAA violation. The mere suggestion of doing something like this shows a complete lack of knowledge of the rules, and a complete disregard for players futures.

Be glad the gift certificates were not provided. If the value an item provided $100 or less, you’ll be declared NCAA ineligible and remain so until the value is repaid to a charity of your choice. If the value exceeds $100, the NCAA student-athlete reinstatement staff determines the penalty. Based on the level of the violation, your athletic participation could be temporarily restricted.

The fact that this camp was billed specifically as an NCAA scouting event and this cash value award was offered is proof of absolute reckless decision making that could have gotten a lot of players in trouble years down the road.

Yes, we have the “Smoking Gun” proof in an email that was sent to all players and parents containing promises in writing, almost all of which went unfulfilled.

While we all actually had hope Dan would pull it off and keep his promises, when only one social media post was made over three days, we knew where things were headed. A social media post on Instagram made by a female inside a boys dressing room. In todays sexual climate in Canada, another example of poor decision making.

When reading his last email to players and parents before the camp, he was already talking about player cancelations before the camp took place, it became obvious he was already planting the seeds of blame on other people for what he knew would be a mess.

Now, when parents question Dan on these things he threatens them. He threatens me for asking the questions they want answered.

Maybe Dan would like to answer how when he was operating camps at Niagara University he never paid taxes in the United States on years worth of income generated there? Maybe Dan would like to answer how as a Canadian he was working in the United States without a work permit, or operating a business in the United States that was not registered in the United States? Maybe Canadian authorities should be looking at his income records, and where that income came from?

Its unfortunate because there were some really good players there who spent a lot of money and did not receive what they were told they were buying. By player accounts, the talent level was good, and the scouts probably missed a good opportunity to see some players.

Ironically, I initiated contact with Dan to congratulate him on a successful camp. Within hours of my emailing him, reports started coming in. Sorry to say I had hope that Dan had changed, I was wrong.

In the end, this is exactly what has happened in the past with Dan Garneau. Blame other people, point fingers, and hope no one calls the police or takes you to court.

Dan Garneau, he has not changed, he does not deliver. Avoid at all costs, or blame only yourself.

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