The Death Pool – EHL Kills Off Lehigh Valley After Catching 22 Year Old Illegal Player

Good leagues always do the right thing.  That’s probably why the EHL is a leader in the industry when it comes to player development and upholding real standards.  Standards of operation that actually mean something and they aren’t just lip service for the masses.

So the Lehigh Valley Rebels were a disaster.  From beginning to end they were a poorly planned and even more poorly executed shit show.

The team, that actually started out as two teams, could win a game, and they couldn’t even compete.  They were an embarrassment to the EHL on many fronts.

So, its no wonder that when players and parents discovered some player on the team was actually 22 years old that the rumors began to spread.  And its no wonder that when the league found out that they terminated this shit show immediately.

That’s right, a 22 year old man was playing on a Tier III junior team.  Who the hell is that freakin desperate to play junior hockey that they would try to scam their way on to a team?  Rumor has it that this donkey actually used a fake name and some kind of fake identification was made to register him with USA Hockey!!!!

Yeah, this shit really happened!

I wonder who came up with this idea?  Its got to be real embarrassing that a 22 year old man couldn’t even make this shit show a better team.  9 games played and 1 point?  That’s what a cheating 22 yr old player gets you.

Yeah, the stats are deleted from the league and team site, but you know, nothing ever really disappears on the internet does it Christian?  Seriously man, you need to come clean at some point.  We wont publish your real name, but its going to come out, and we already know who you really are.

So who actually came up with this shit show plan?  That’s the question.  Because its pretty easy to figure out that this player came out of nowhere and magically made a junior team with no playing history at all.  That doesn’t happen without people knowing what’s going on, so who knew?

This doesn’t happen with just a player making some shit up.  Someone had to know.  Someone had to help.  Word is that USA Hockey is now on the case and who ever gets caught up in this should be banned for at least five years.

What would have happened if this 22 year old man hurt some 16 year old kid?  Imagine the lawsuits and liabilities there.  Everyone could have been sued!  Some classy organization there.

From beginning to end this was a shit show disaster.  I wonder who came up with this brainstorm idea anyway?

Stick around, we got more good stuff in the works.

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*The Death Pool is a mix of Comedy, and Satire in connection with recent events. It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening.