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The Death Pool – GMHL West Circus Scheduling Problem

When the circus comes to town kids get excited. While there are not many circus acts left roaming North America, thankfully we still have the GMHL West to show us how much manure can be left behind when one does set up camp.

Funny how Derek Prue uses the GMHL in Ontario and Quebec, to sell small towns in Western Canada on having GMHL West franchises. While talking about how many years the GMHL in the east has been around and what they say they have accomplished.

Turns out though, that the GMHL West doesn’t even look like it is a real part of the GMHL that resides out east. IF it did, wouldn’t there be a joint playoff for the league championship?

A strange little scheduling problem shows the GMHL West is really nothing more than a franchise selling franchises to unsuspecting victims.

The GMHL regular season schedule out east ends on February 19th. Yes, less than two weeks from now the GMHL will wrap up its regular season in Ontario and Quebec.

Meanwhile in the GMHL West, while most teams will also end their schedules at the end of February and first weekend in March, several teams are scheduled to play through the end of April.

How can this be? Are the other GMHL West teams going to wait until these teams finish their regular season schedules in April before starting the playoffs? Is the GMHL in the east going to wait to hold a championship sometime in May?

The answer to both of those question is a big no.

What is about to happen is that the Mackenzie Mountaineers, Kitimat Saax, and Burns Lake Timbermen are going to either be forced to cancel their remaining regular season games so the GMHL West can proceed to their playoffs, or they will be seeded for playoffs based on winning percentage at the end of February.

These three teams won’t be playing in April when the GMHL has already completed its playoffs in the east. The other GMHL West teams won’t be waiting more than a month for these three teams to finish their schedule.

Now is when Mr. Prue is going to have some explaining to do to these three cities concerning the ice contracts. Now is when Mr. Prue is going to pass the blame on to the other teams not being willing to wait, and on the “league” for not being able to wait to begin playoffs.

This has always been the end game for Prue in his house of cards. Trying to prolong the season just enough to regroup for next season while passing the blame on to someone else. This is what he does and who he is.

It’s a shame. People in the small communities get involved and become emotionally vested with teams and the players. In difficult times, sports are our distraction. Not to mention how much parents, players and sponsors invest financially.

To have this “hockey business genius” come in and fool everyone continually is nothing more than playing on people’s emotion and hope with an idea that is nothing more than a handful of magic beans.

In other GMHL West news, Derek Prue has just cancelled all ticket sales for the playoffs in May. (sarcasm font)

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