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The Death Pool – GMHL West Down To Three Teams

Ok, I know its Monday morning, and we are all struggling to wake up and get it together for the work week. This may take a little brain power to follow, because, well, its just that unbelievable that you will need to focus on things.

So, the GMHL West that started out as the WPHA, after getting kicked out of the WSHL.

They started out saying they would have eight teams for the 2019-2020 season. Made all kinds of announcements concerning the cities they were “in talks with”.

Then, cities started figuring things out, like the one thing they figured out was that this shit show operation had zero financial backing. Then most of those cities told them to leave.

The GMHL West was all set to start the season with six, ummmm yeah, then it was four, and now, in nearly mid November it will be three teams.

But how we get to three teams is just as amazing as these donkeys trying to play a season with three teams.

Everyone remembers the disaster that the Rosetown Red Wings became. So, they pack up shop and move the “franchise” to High Prairie and announce this great move.

This was after they moved the Cold Lake Wings to Edmonton and rebranded them the YEG Hockey Academy.

Everyone still with me? Ok. Here’s a new twist.

The YEG Hockey Academy is moving now and being rebranded as the High Prairie Red Wings. So, the “relocation” of the Rosetown Red Wings, actually never took place, and the YEG Academy proved to be such a disaster that they had to move a second time in one season and rebrand yet again.

Yes. Clearly the work of hockey marketing genius behind the scenes with the GMHL West.

Oh, I wonder what happens to the Head Coach that was brought over from France, who hasn’t been paid yet? He probably just gets screwed.

I wonder how the players feel about playing the same two teams in a three team division?

Scouts are said to be making lots of plans to head to these remote outposts looking for new practice pylons for the 2020-2021 season. (sarcasm font)

Even I have to wonder if Bob Russell and Ken Girard might be embarrassed by this shit show. I know both these guys are greedy when it comes to collecting the player dollars, but even they have to be wondering why they agreed to work with the GMHL West donkeys.

I wonder how the communities who bought into the GMHL West pipe dream are feeling about their investment now? You have to believe some phone calls will be made to WSHL Commissioner Ron White to try to get back into the WSHL next season.

In all fairness, the Slave Lake and Northern Alberta teams look to be viable markets for the future and jumping to the WSHL would make sense.

Something tells me this isn’t the last we will hear from the GMHL West. With the holiday break just around the corner, I have to wonder just how many players will actually return to play in a three team division.

Pay to play hockey at its finest!

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