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The Death Pool – GMHL West On Brink Of Folding

Happy Monday everyone! Its a beautiful day here at The Death Pool. We got lots of teams on life support, and reports are coming in from around North America thanks to our avid readers!

The GMHL West Shit Show. Notice the capital letters? Yes. This is because it Shit Show should officially be added to GMHL West as part of their name.

With reports of single digit numbers of players signed to teams, the GMHL West Shit Show experiment looks to be on the verge of implosion.

Rumor out of Cold Lake is that the “savior” Troy Mick has already jumped off the sinking ship and left town. Yep, those supper nice press releases that they keep pumping out sure make a great impression. That is until someone actually looks into the finances and see there is no money.

The rumors out of Cold Lake now say that the “team” will relocate to the Edmonton area, and will feature a new head coach. Yes. A new head coach that is rumored to be Derek Prue’s 23 year old son!

Way to go Derek you douche bag. Bring your son into this shit show? You’re sure to win Father of The Year awards for that shit.

It was a pretty good sign that this shit show was going down when their social media sites set up by Troy Mick just disappeared.

Now we have other reports of players abandoning ship in other cities in the GMHL West. Yes, I know its hard to believe anyone would leave such a quality organization as the ones put forward by the GMHL West. What a joke this is.

Maybe they can play as a one or two team division of the GMHL and make up forfeit wins against teams that folded to make it look like they are actually a league?!?!?!

Oh shit wait a minute. Thats been done before. In the regular GMHL!!!! Ahhhh yes. Same shit, sam shit show operation, new location!

Stick around, we got more teams going down soon….

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