The Death Pool – GMHL With Racist Comments Again Shows Why It Is Considered A Joke

The Greater Metro Hockey League.  The GMHL, or the “G Show”.  What ever the hell you want to call this shit show league, its still an amateur hour shit show from top to bottom.

For years the “G” has been the destination league of players with on and off ice issues.  From alcohol and drug use, to steroids, to behavioral and seemingly mental health issues.  The “G” has been the safe haven for players that can not fit in to traditional or real junior hockey.

Sure, there have been some players who don’t fit those profiles that have played in the league because they have been tricked by unethical recruiting and outright lies from teams.  Sure there is the once in a blue freakin moon decent player that can be found.

But for people who really know hockey, the “G Show” is the punch line to a bad joke.  Its an embarrassment of a league and the hockey world would be better off without it.  But like a cockroach after a nuclear war, this shit show wont die.  Yet.

Over the last few days TJHN has been receiving reports that in another “G Show” game that Native American players were repeatedly subjected to hearing racial slurs.

Racial slurs.  Really?  In todays world, there are still people still so uneducated and simple minded that they have to resort to using racial slurs to express themselves.  WOW  Hard to believe isn’t it?

The “G Show” has had this issue come up before.  Along with referee’s punching players, coaches punching people, fans fighting with team staff, teams stealing money from players, teams not aying their bills after getting all the money, and a whole laundry list of what should be considered criminal behavior sending people to jail.

These kinds of things all start with league leadership though.  Ken Girard, if you believe that his real name is Girard, is the GMHL commissioner.  Commissioner, is a title that typically brings a lot of responsibility, and a lot of respect to an office.  Not in this case.

Ken, and other “G Show” founder Bob Russell are the living definitions of everything league leaders should not be.  They themselves are not held accountable for their actions and they do not hold anyone else accountable except for when it comes to taking their money.

When asked about the use of racial slurs in a game in Meaford Ontario, directed at some Native American players from Wiarton Ontario, Girard said this to the local press;

“It’s not public. You know, our league is not under Hockey Canada rules or guidelines or things like that and you know, it’s, it’s just people have ways of turning things around and stuff like that. We keep our business to ourselves…”

As he tried to say that because no penalty was called, that it didn’t happen.  As he basically said that its too bad and because its a private business there is nothing anyone can do to change how the “G Show” handles its business.

Yes that is the leadership you have sent your children to learn from.  That is the kind of person who is leading the teams and the players.  Certainly a quality person there.  (need to find s sarcastic font)

But hey, its the “G Show” baby, and you’re playing “junior hockey” right?  Ha Ha Ha  Junior Hockey is not a phrase anyone uses to describe the “G”.  It is the cockroach of hockey, and although everyone wants to see it go away, it refuses to die because so many people are so desperate to say they played junior hockey they are willing to do anything.

But hey, if you like racial slurs, fighting with referees, unsupervised bus trips, and all kinds of substance abuse, the “G Show” is the right place for you.

David Wagner – The Angel Of Death – For Those Who Live Stupidly I Salute You!
*The Death Pool is a mix of Comedy, and Satire in connection with recent events. It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening.