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The Death Pool – GMHL’s Komoka Dragons Shot In The Head

He He He   Ha Ha Ha   Its all my fault.  I know.  I know.  Blame me, its ok I don’t mind.  Yes I know, last week I pointed out that the shit was coming to the top of the GMHL septic tank with the Komoka Dragons and their recycled GMHL ownership group.

I know, I just shouldn’t have exposed the assholes for who they are.  I know, I just shouldn’t have pointed out that it was the same group of scum bags who scammed players and parents last year.  I know I shouldn’t have pointed out that it was the same group of people that kept the fundraiser money for a guy’s prosthetic leg!  Yep, its all my fault.

According to GMHL supporters, I shouldn’t have exposed the truth.  According to those morons I am supposed to let people get ripped off by these assholes so that kids on other teams don’t have their games canceled?  “Just keep your mouth shut David!”, is what one parent emailed me.  You’re kidding right?

Under your dumb ass theory, its ok for other people to get screwed as long as you get to double digit beat their asses?  Want to play hockey?  Go to a real league you freakin morons.

So lets hear it for these Komoka – Norfolk assholes!!!!!

Now, lets wait and see if they pop back up in the GMHL.  Let see how quickly these great owners get another team in this gong show.

Oh yeah, and all you kids seeking refunds of your money, I hope you used a credit card for payment.  Yep, just go and cancel those charges and these dummies will be scrambling.  They will be scrambling to find money to refund you or they will be scrambling to keep the cops from putting their asses in jail.

And to think I was starting to believe my bitching, and pointing this stuff out wasn’t having any impact on these side show operators.  Ha Ha Ha  Just in time for Halloween and we got us another body hitting the floor.

So who is next?  Yeah, if you think that just because we are nearing the end of October that teams wont be folding, you don’t know what’s happening.

We still got plenty of teams that don’t have enough players to make it past the holiday break.  One shit show played with 8 skaters last week!  That’s right boys and girls 8 freakin skaters!  Nothin wrong with that team though right?  Some real strong ownership and some great coaching going on there!  Ummmmm yeah, not so much.  See real ownership would fold that kind of shit show to protect the players from getting injured.

You know what’s funny about this roster number issue?  No David, what’s so funny?

What’s funny is that after all the research we have done, and I have had some people helping me on this, USA Hockey has NO RULES OR STANDARDS for safe roster limits in Tier III!

Yep, you read that right, NO RULES OR STANDARDS that can be found.  So in theory, a team could play a game with 1 or 2 skaters and just get the shit beat out of them all day.  Yep, its just assumed that people will put a full team on the ice.  You know, like have more than 8 or 10, or 12 players on a junior team.  You know, like a common sense assumption that most people would make.

NO RULES OR STANDARDS!   So, come back tomorrow for something that might, if you send it to USA Hockey, just get some rules and standards enacted.

Hey all you boys in the GMHL, thanks for making my job so easy.  I mean really, having you donkeys in hockey is like having an over eater at a buffet.  You just can’t keep from eating everything and then eventually you fall over from a heart attack.

I am really looking forward to more GMHL expansion next year.  Seriously, these idiots are going to expand because some of you idiots are still going to give them your money!  Life is certainly good!

David Wagner – The Angel Of Death – For Those Who Live Stupidly I salute You

*The Death Pool is a mix of comedy, and satire in connection with recent events.  It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening.

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