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The Death Pool – Is The End Of The GMHL Near?

Oh yeah.  Another beautiful Monday morning.  The coffee is brewing, got my doughnuts, and my email box is full of juicy tidbits to follow up on.  Life just don’t get much better folks.

So, we all know about four teams left the GMHL right?!  Those guys are starting their own league under AAU and they say they are gonna have ten teams.

Turn out the GMHL may have lost some other teams too.  Yep.  I am getting all kinds of information of more teams allegedly getting kicked out of the GMHL, and other teams folding.  Wow.  Can you believe it?  I mean why would any of these awesomely successful teams be kicked out or fold?

The GMHL started out 2015 saying they had 34 teams.  If all rumors come to be true, the GMHL will be down to 24 or fewer for the start of 2016.  And thats without the impact of the new leagues coming.

Ummmmmmm could it be that there are unpaid bills all over the place?  Could it be that people are finally figuring out that the GMHL is nothing but a cash cow for the “league owners”?

I wonder whats going on with a few of these new expansion teams the league has been organizing?  No new news from them recently.  You think the cities finally wised up and didn’t let the gong show in town?  Nahhhh probably just not much going on.

But hey, you know this new CPJHL league?  Yeah, well that little thing called an AAU sanction that the CPJHL has might just be hurting the GMHL too.  Ohhhhhhh shit, don’t let me forget another new league under AAU in the eastern United States!  The NCPHL.  Yep, that’s two new AAU leagues right in the middle of what has been the GMHL’s prime recruiting ground.

Hmmmmmm you think their might be some people that pick one of these new leagues over the GMHL?  Or, do you think there might be a whole bunch of people that do it?

See, the new NCPHL in the US actually has their own feeder system in the form of AAA teams.  Yep.  Already established AAA players can just continue on in the same organization now.

Ohhhhhh and the new Ontario league actually will be less expensive to play in than the GMHL from what I am told.  They will actually have rules and standards too!  Shocking I know.

So, when you have two new leagues, surrounding the GMHL, and recruiting players from the GMHL, and from traditional GMHL player recruiting markets, you might just have a problem.

Hmmmmmmm can anyone say a massive player shortage?  Oh hell yeah.  This is going to be one great summer folks.  We are gonna have teams dropping like flies!  I can not wait to hear all the excuses.  I can not wait to hear all the mourning and wailing of all these owners who were sold a bill of goods.

News flash for you owners.  You cant buy a Ferrari at the Yugo dealership!  Oh shit, sorry.  Yugo went out of business a while ago.  Well you get the point.

So hey, stay tuned.  I am working on some special reports.  Yep, got a few reports of dream salesmen down at the America’s Showcase trying to sell the GMHL dream.  Ohhhhhh snap.  You think any of those players and coaches will hear about this story?  Nahhhhhh

David Wagner – The Angel Of Death – For Those Who Live Stupidly I salute You

*The Death Pool is a mix of comedy, and satire in connection with recent events.  It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening

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