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The Death Pool – Numbers Lie And Liars Figure – The Truth Behind The Recent NCAA Freshmen Numbers Being Used By Some

Happy Monday everyone!  I mean that.  I seriously love Monday when most people don’t.  It’s the start of a new week.  A clean slate for everyone to make something out of the work week, and get things done!  Yep, its a great day.

When I was a Freshman in College, I took an accounting class.  One of the first days of class the Professor said “Numbers lie, and liars figure”, a twist on the phrase “Numbers don’t lie, and liars figure”.  I thought that was a pretty unique take on things coming from an accounting teacher.

I really didn’t have real life examples of his take on the phrase until the other day when a bunch of people began Tweeting and posting this set of NCAA Freshmen facts;

ncaa numbersWhat’s great about these numbers is that it makes some of us who are actually educated, do a little thinking.  You know, like questioning things and not taking anything at face value to kiss anyone’s ass.

So lets assume all those numbers are accurate.  Yep, make an ass out of U and Me.

Interesting that the USPHL that currently has 9 teams and has 34 NCAA freshmen, and the NAHL with 24 teams has 77.  Based on those numbers, the USPHL has 3.8 NCAA freshmen per team and the NAHL has 3.2.  Interesting huh?  The USPHL on a per team basis has more NCAA freshmen than the NAHL?  OMG it cant be true!

The BCHL has 73 freshmen while having 17 teams?  Say it isn’t so.  That would give the BCHL 4.3 per team on average.  Once again, just remarkable isn’t it?  To think that these are real numbers.

Now I got a question for ya concerning REAL NUMBERS………

Where are all these freakin commitment numbers going?  You know, the 500 or so commitments claimed by the NAHL in the last two years.

Ummmmmm yeah.  It’s almost a mathematic impossibility to have nearly 500 commitments in two years and only 77 freshmen.  Shit, cut the number in half, to 250 and it is still almost a mathematic impossibility to only have 77 freshmen.

The same can be said about every other league and all the freaking commitment announcements.  Makes me start to think that a commitment isn’t shit unless you actually play.  Ohhhhhh damn, I think we have said that before somewhere haven’t we?  Yep, we have.

So what’s the deal with this numbers game?  Well everyone its simple.  Stop believing all the bullshit propaganda being put out by leagues and start doing the research.

Stop believing all the utter bullshit put out by paid mouthpieces of some leagues too.  Why?  Because the truth is that these numbers all fluctuate every year.  That’s right, they all change every year.

There is no breakdown in those numbers of how long the players were committed before he attended school.  There is no breakdown of if he played in more than one league.  There is no breakdown of when the player committed as a Midget player and went on to play junior.

There is no science or math behind these bullshit numbers.

The truth is that every year teams are looking to fill certain positions on the team.  That position may not be a depth position in one league or another, so it gets filled from a third league.  One league may be deeper at a certain needed position than another and that may make the numbers look like something they are not.

Unlike some Donkey’s down south, our view of the leagues is based on actually going to watch games in those leagues.  Not sitting on our asses watching on line thinking some plug is going to be the next great white hype.

See, there is no league other than the USHL that dominates the NCAA placement landscape when you break things down.  If you look further at each league, you find some teams couldn’t get a player into the NCAA if they had a bus load of hookers and a party bus on campus.  Oh shit, sorry University of Louisville that hits kinda close to home huh? Ha Ha Ha

Some teams in every league produce the bulk of NCAA commitments while other teams just suck.  So, little clue for ya, leagues don’t make the player, the players make the leagues.  There is no sure thing, and just because you’re in a league doesn’t mean you have that much better of an opportunity to play NCAA hockey.

Now, do you want to play for the NJ Hitmen or the Kenai River Brown Bears?  Want to play for the Janesville Jets or the Kalkaska Rhinos?  Do you want to play for Coquitlam or Sioux City?

Leagues don’t get you to the NCAA, people get you to NCAA hockey.  So don’t go listening to someone who has never placed a player in an NCAA program, or the people who are trying to promote their own league.

Oh and before I forget, its so nice to see the competition try to copy us.  You know, use our phrases and things.  Just shows who’s following who.  Then again, no Donkey has  ever been known to lead anything.

Get a clue before you start believing people with an agenda or an axe to grind who are posting these numbers.  “Numbers lie, and liars figure”

David Wagner – The Angel Of Death – For Those Who Live Stupidly I salute You

*The Death Pool is a mix of comedy, and satire in connection with recent events.  It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening.

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