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The Death Pool – Oooops There Goes Another GMHL Team

The GMHL, the G Show, the G. A league known by many names in many cities. A league known for disfunction, disorganization, and disingenuous promises. Also known as the world’s greatest shit show.

The boys in the G like to blame me for their downfall. They like to point to me writing about their annual disasters as the reason they cannot get to the 30 teams they promised owners a decade ago. While I normally do not like to boast, in this case I will take their comments as a compliment.

Though I really cannot take credit for the disaster the GMHL is. They really deserve all the credit for being a joke of a league.

From the Commissioner who has never played hockey to the newest suckers who paid for a franchise, the boys in the GMHL simply do not know what they are doing when it comes to hockey. But they do know what they are doing when it comes to cashing your checks and charging your credit cards.

The Almaguin Spartans are done. Stick a fork in them.

You would think, since there is a pretty well publicized war going on, that someone in the hockey department would have noticed that no Russians outside of Major Junior are getting cleared to leave Russia. You would think that having all summer to recognize this that someone would have made an alternate recruiting plan for the season.

But no. Of course not. Almaguin didn’t do anything except sign a few Americans and Canadians to get their money, and then prayed for a miracle to get the Russians into Canada.

Brilliant! Excellent execution of incompetence! You have now shown the world just how much you know about international hockey. The sum total of your knowledge is ZERO!

Players are actively being shopped to other teams in the GMHL, and the smart ones are getting the hell out of the GMHL. Plenty of openings in North America and Europe still available for those players.

The photo used for this article was taken at the board of directors meeting held at the GMHL offices when discussing the Almaguin situation. Indeed, a group everyone should follow.

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