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The Death Pool – Ottawa Sharpshooters Forfeit Last Two Games

Those church bells you may be hearing, may not be to celebrate the holiday spirit. They may just be a reminder for us to all say a prayer for the Ottawa Sharpshooters.

As I reported last week, the GMHL Sharpshooters look to be on the verge of folding if they haven’t already actually folded.

The GMHL issued two forfeits for the last two Sharpshooters games. The official version was the games were cancelled due to “weather and transportation” issues.

Funny, a quick check of the weather on both game days, showed there was no snow or weather issues anywhere in Ottawa or along the way to the teams the Sharpshooters were supposed to play.

Maybe the “transportation” issue was actually something like they didn’t have any money to put gas in the bus?

Maybe the bus went missing along with the head coach?

Maybe the bus, the head coach, and the team money all went missing together?

Does the Bermuda Triangle reach into Ontario?

Strange indeed. To have such a storied franchise just suddenly have these completely unforeseen problems. (sarcasm font)

I wonder what the GMHL will do after everyone returns from holiday break? Claim that the Grinch stole all the Sharpshooters equipment?

Happy holidays everyone.

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