The Death Pool – Special Report Guest Writer – The GMHL’s Niagara Whalers Championship Scam

Hey kids, hope your teams are all doing well in the playoffs. And for those junior teams that are already out, or have no hope of winning a championship, maybe one of the reasons why is the scam run by Steve Quinn and the GMHL shit show’s champion Niagara Whalers.

Listen to this ~ This goes down as one of the biggest scams in hockey history!!! They have 21-year-old players on their roster that played for Merrimack NCAA D1, USHL, OHL, and top players from the GOJHL. That’s right, this shit hole of a “junior” league allows teams to have 21-year-old players. You might ask, “Do ex-NCAA, USHL, OHL, and GOJHL pay-to-play in this shitty pay-to-play league? And why?” It’s simple. The Niagara Whalers recruit players promising them roses and sunshine on a championship team, and charge big bucks! Then within the first month of the season, most in the first week, players are sold to the shitty teams in the league that fold. Like how the Niagara Whalers sent 10 players to the Wiarton Schooners. Remember that shit show we warned you about??? Seems nobody wanted to go to that shit show, wonder why??? Niagara sent them 10 players, and kept the players’ money.

You might not even notice it, because the Niagara Whalers never even rostered the players. They simply collected the money, and shipped them out of town, before the season opening game! They sent players to all the shithole teams in that shitty league, like the last place London Lakers (3-38-1), and 3 players to the 2nd-last, take a school bus everywhere, bare bones shit show that gets like no crowd despite showing pictures and video of past years when they used to get a crowd before the town abandoned them, called the South Muskoka Shield. In total this season, within the first month of the season, the Niagara Whalers shipped out 16 players. What did they get in return….Nothing….Just the player’s team fees (over $300,000). And the other 5 players recruited that were good enough to stick around, they found out the program had none of the features promised, and either rode pine or were a healthy scratch, unless the superstar players didn’t feel like going on a road trip, or wanted to go out drinking on a Friday night.

With all the money bilked off players recruited and sent out of town, the owner Steve Quinn then recruits ex-NCAA, OHL, and GOJHL players to come play and win a championship. He’s raised so much money doing this (over $300,000) that he buys his superstars sticks, and pays them “gas money”, and lines his greasy profits. Yep, remember kids. That’s the GMHL for you. No sanctioning body, means these unscrupulous owners do whatever they can to shake the money from you. There is now a million stories out there of how GMHL teams disregard a player as soon as their last payment has cleared. Yet, as they say, “a sucker is born every minute.” What happens to you after you pay your money….Get shipped out to Wiarton, or simply cut, and your money, hockey career, and education is in limbo. “It’s buyer beware,” said GMHL president Bob Russell, who pointed out all fees are non-refundable to the CBC when investigating another incident that flows daily, and gives me so much fodder for the Death Pool on a weekly basis.

This league, and the Niagara Whalers, exists for 1 reason, and 1 reason only ~ To line the team and league owners’ pockets! They care nothing about developing hockey players. It’s strategy is to scam players out of their money, give them nothing that was promised, then with that money bring in aged-out washed up 21-year-olds for free plus “gas money” to make the league look like it actually is good hockey to trick the next player by boasting on their website how these players went on to play pro.

Check out the Niagara Whalers roster. Notice they are at the league maximum of 14 20/21-year old players? A quick look at each players’ elite prospects profile can show you, these players all came from higher leagues. If you are not in your last year of junior and aged out of other higher junior leagues, where do you think that puts you??? It puts you as a team sponsor, and for your sponsorship, you get either shipped out of town to the shittiest team in the league, or a team t-shirt (no jacket), and spot either in the middle of the bench, or a seat above the bench in the stands watching.

~ Peter Northgraves

*The Death Pool is a mix of comedy, and satire in connection with recent events. Unfortunately for the GMHL its not too funny for them.  It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening.