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The Death Pool – Special Report – RMJHL Off Watch List

You know I would like to think that my little poetic writings are having something to do with teams updating their protected lists these days, but since teams tell us no one is reading my reports it sure cant be that! Ha Ha Ha  Yep, no one is reading boys and girls, that is if you don’t count the four to five thousand of you who visit each day I write!

Suddenly, there appears to be signs of life coming from the Rocky Mountain Junior Hockey League.  That’s right kids, the little engine that could looks like it may actually leave the depot.

With three teams starting to update their protected lists and other sources reporting that two more teams have enough to play right now, I am only questioning one team.  You can figure out that one team for yourselves.

But you can toss the original rule of the RMJHL not being able to take High School aged players right out the window now!

That’s right, originally the league was told they couldn’t take kids that could play High School or Midget hockey.  But apparently in an effort to make sure the league took off, that got changed in a back room meeting or something.

So, even if team number six doesn’t get off the ground, it looks like the RMJHL will be playing.  The full blown turf war with the Western States Hockey League is now on.  Look for poachers in the woods kids, and those poachers will go in both directions now.

Yep, you just got to love a good old turf war.  Back door recruiting, outlandish promises, and players bolting from billet homes in the middle of the night.  The drama is just too exciting to turn away from.

Speaking of drama, some of the stuff going on in the GMHL is just priceless, but more on that later.

Stay tuned kids, more good stuff on the way.

David Wagner – The Angel Of Death – For Those Who Live Stupidly I salute You

*The Death Pool is a mix of comedy, and satire in connection with recent events.  It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening.

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