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The Death Pool – The GMHL Should Be Investigated By Police And Shut Down

Hey kids, hope you had as good a weekend as I did.  Watched some awesome NCAA hockey and kept learning more about how scouting really works.  But while I was doing that, my email box was getting pounded by folks up in Canada and from around the world.

Why?  Well let me tell you…..

Stories of players paying and when teams fold they don’t get their money back.  Stories of players paying and then being cut from the team and not getting their money back.  Stories of teams having unpaid bills all over the place.  Stories of non Canadian citizens working in Canada illegally.  And then to top it off a story by a TJHN follower who is also a writer about a team who kept money from a 50/50 fundraiser for a guy who needs a new leg!  That’s right kids, they kept money that was supposed to go to help pay for a cancer survivors new prosthetic leg!

New flash there kids.  Nobody but a complete scumbag would do that.  And if you support this team you’re just as bad because you are endorsing their actions by giving them your money.

But hey, with all the other stories of financial wrongdoing why not just screw the guy who needs the new leg too.   This is what happens in “unsanctioned” or “independent” bullshit hockey leagues.

The GMHL is NOT SANCTIONED people!  Meaning they have no oversight, no control measures, no responsibility to behave in a professional manner.  They have no rules other than what they feel like doing at the moment.  They do not care about anyone but themselves and getting money.

I read somewhere where some moron said something like “our sanction” or “our governing body” and its complete crap.  The GMHL is a circus freak show, not a hockey league that should be supported.

Think they don’t lie?  Well, the four teams that left to start their own new league left the GMHL.  They weren’t kicked out of the league like some people are trying to say.  They left because the GMHL is run for no other purpose than to produce an income for the “league” owners.  Oh yeah, and unlike all other real leagues, the league owners are a couple guys sitting in their office and the league isn’t owned by the member teams.

According to many former owners, the “league” cant even account for where the money goes, and they don’t have to account for it.  Yep, that’s a business I want to spend my money with.  Come to think of it, wasn’t it that shady accounting that landed Bernie Madoff in prison?

I wonder how all the American and European people involved in the league and its teams are getting paid legally when they don’t have work visa’s.  Yep, nothing like adding a little illegal immigration to the laundry list.

I wonder when the last time any one paid their GST/HST?  You know the Canadian tax that needs to be paid for goods and services.  You know, the tax that other teams and leagues pay.

So here’s the thing kids.  There is USA Hockey, Hockey Canada, and the growing AAU.  Those are the only three groups in North America that have the insurance, and structure to hold leagues and teams accountable.  The GMHL has none of these behind it.  If you don’t have one of those groups behind you, you are nothing, and if you go to one of these non sanctioned teams and you get screwed now, consider yourself warned.

I really hope all our avid readers up in Canada retweet the hell out of this.  I hope you send it to local police departments calling for investigations.  I hope you send it to Revenue Canada and the Immigration Department.  I hope you send it to every city official and rink manager looking at housing a team in this joke.

Then again, if this shit is ok with you just sit back and do nothing.  Let them come to your home town and screw the arena and players.  Let people lose money when they don’t have to.  No worries boys, your conscience can be clear because you bitched about them while having coffee today.

If this crap happened in the US though I guarantee you that people would be having their asses tossed in jail, and people would be getting sued.

Now I know some GMHL teams are going to email me or call my boss bitching that they run good programs.  Well guess what you donkeys, if you run a good program, go to a legitimate league and prove it.  Until you do that, go talk to your mommy or someone who cares.

But hey, the GMHL is expanding and teams are changing their names to cover up their embarrassing past season.  Nothing like rapping and pillaging city by city and leaving devastation in your wake.  It worked for the Vikings right?  Not so much.  Oh shit, well considering it was the Norfolk Vikings GMHL team that kept the 50/50 money, we can only hope they meet the same fate!

So, if any of you got an Easter basket from the boys in the GMHL, and it looks like there’s an unwrapped chocolate log in there, it probably isn’t chocolate. Ha Ha Ha

Seriously folks, when is enough really enough?

David Wagner – The Angel Of Death – For Those Who Live Stupidly I salute You

*The Death Pool is a mix of comedy, and satire in connection with recent events.  It is not an official report of current events although it may look as though the news is so accurate that it could one day happen or may be happening

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