The Death Pool – This Telemarketing Camp Recruiter Is Not A Scout

For a few years now, there has been a few people calling themselves scouts when calling and emailing players inviting them to USHL and NAHL camps.

There is one person in particular who is actually very good at this, but she is so good that parents don’t know that they are eating a bowl of bullshit and she is telling them is chocolate ice cream.

Melissa Feczko is a camp recruiter for the Muskegon Lumberjacks and the Des Moines Buccaneers in the USHL, while also claiming to work for at least one or two NAHL teams.

Lets be absolutely clear on one very important thing. A “scout” or someone actually involved in making hockey decisions for a team can not hold the same position for multiple teams in the same league! It is a direct conflict of interest. It is not done in any league anywhere in the world.

So when this “scout” calls or sends you an email, you need to understand they are nothing more than a telemarketer who is getting paid for bringing as many bodies to a camp as possible. That’s it, nothing more. This is not an invitation based on anything more than your ability to pay to attend a camp.

When a person offers you “opportunity” with a number of team camps, its not opportunity in the sense that parents and players think. It is opportunity to skate and get a jersey before you go home.

When a person claims they are helping you and you don’t know them and you have no prior relationship with them, you better believe they are only helping themselves. This is not a person you should buy anything from.

Why do I write this today?

The easy answer is that players continue to call and ask questions about these offers. Players who have no business even thinking they will actually play in the USHL are believing they actually have a chance.

If you had 5 points last year and were a third line guy do you really think you are making the USHL? No. You are not. But the telemarketer is selling a bag full of magic beans, and you are buying it.

If you are 20 years old, and played Tier 3 or lower level Tier II in Canada do you really think you are making the jump to a USHL team that limits 20 year old players? If you do, I suggest you see a doctor.

In case you missed it, the USHL lost a team this year as well, so that limits the real “opportunity” even further.

Lets not blame the teams though. They have to generate money to survive. Its a business. Lets blame the person selling the magic beans, and then blame the person you see in the mirror for buying them.

Maybe its time for everyone to pull their heads out of their behinds and open their eyes. The camp recruiter is making money off of all you who can not realistically evaluate themselves. They know it, and now you know it. So how many more camps will you register to attend this summer?