The Death Pool – USPHL Whalers Get Harpooned

Ok. Enough of the outright lies. Every league, the USPHL, the EHL and every other league that has teams fold, gets called out here in the Death Pool. No league is immune to being called out here.

The USPHL Jersey Shore Whalers have been called out multiple times here over the years as being a disaster. Now they are gone. Long over due gone.

Lets be clear though, no one is under any obligation to fix anyone else’s poor choices for signing with this disastrous program. Anyone who paid this team got exactly what could have been predicted over past seasons examples.

As for my friend on the other site singing a song for the embarrassing joke of a junior hockey league called the NA3HL, its time to get a grip on life.

If the NA3HL has lost money its because of their own stupidity and putting an inferior product in the marketplace. Period. If you don’t like how things are going then you need to change your business plan. Just like any other business.

I support USA Hockey, Hockey Canada, AAU and independent leagues. I always have and I always will. Hockey is hockey. Governing bodies are insurance companies and money making machines.

Hockey Canada is the ONLY country that has a policy of not allowing players to return to their sanctioned play during the season in which the player participated outside of Hockey Canada or USA Hockey play.

To call any hockey outside of USA Hockey or Hockey Canada “OUTLAW” is simply the best example of people who know nothing about hockey. NCAA hockey is not USA Hockey. The State of Michigan High School Hockey system is not USA Hockey along with many other States.

Use of the term “Outlaw” only comes from people who are intimidated by competition.

The reason USA Hockey doesn’t have the same rule as Hockey Canada regarding players playing outside of USA Hockey who chose to return is two fold.

First, it would be declared illegal in Court in very short order. Because USA Hockey is only recognized as the Countries Governing body by an act of congress, it has laws it must follow. Not to mention all the rules governing its non profit status.

Second, USA Hockey is smart enough to know that the rule made in Canada is the dumbest thing Hockey Canada has done to its hockey players. Keeping players out of programs that need players, and keeping players in other programs outside of Hockey Canada because of the rule. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot because of your ego.

NOT ONE Country in Europe has this policy, like Hockey Canada does. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and others outside of the European Union also DO NOT have this policy. Not one Scandinavian Country has this rule either. So lets just stop that completely false rumor that other countries are making the same stupid rule.

All anyone has to do is go back through Death Pool articles to see that every league is covered here. Opinions on TJHN can not be bought. We have covered USPHL teams folding in the past and we will cover them in the future.

As for my delay in writing this, my apologies. I actually travel the world scouting players and sitting in the arenas. Eight hours a day on average actually inside of an arena somewhere in the world. You know, the important things that real people do who make a real impact, on real players lives.

The Angel Of Death has been gone for nearly six months, but I guess a few people didn’t get the memo.

Come back tomorrow for an announcement all of Tier 3 will like.

Joseph Kolodziej