The Death Pool – We Made A Mistake

A few months ago, I wrote an article concerning Melissa Feczko which at the time I really thought was accurate.

Turns out, it was not as accurate as I once believed.

I made several statements concerning conflicts of interest and other items that really were unfair. Particularly in light of new information obtained by me through other parties.

Melissa Feczko did not deserve having blame placed at her feet for the improper actions within the Muskegon Lumberjacks front office.

I have taken the time to discuss this with Mrs. Feczko and wanted to clear up any unwarranted speculation that may continue because of the previous article.

Contrary to urban legend, I am human, and do make mistakes. I hope that this writing today clears up any misconceptions that may have come about due to the previous article.

Before anyone starts any other rumors, Mrs. Feczko didn’t ask me to write this. Sometimes, you simply need to take responsibility for your actions because its the right thing to do.

Joseph Kolodziej – Publisher